ThomasWFaulkner Interim Secretary to the Clergy 2018

07 Sep 2018 01:49 #325962 by Rosalyn J
With the permission of the Synod, due to the absence of Atticus I have appointed Thomas W Faulkner as Secretary to the Clergy until such a time as Atticus returns, the position becomes OPEN due to his resignation, or until September 10, 2019, whichever is soonest

Chaos is the stroke of the paintbrush. Harmony is to stand back and see the painting.-Skryym

Senior Knight, Senior Ordained Minister
Pastor, Temple of the Jedi Order
Teaching Maitre: Alexandre Orion
How Am I Doing , My Commitment
Kyber,Freja Saol-Wasser, Tobias Giesel,and Jhannuzs

Initiate Journal , Apprenticeship Journal , Clerical Journal , Continued Study
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