Minutes of the 6 Oct 2019

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OCTOBER 6 2019
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C-Whos all here?
R-Rax is present
as am I
S- Im here.
C- Steam. Thank you for coming.
JK - the dude may come through later.
thanks again and lets get started
Topic on the mat is office definitions and availability.
We have two Synod offices filled- me and rax and have AP (associate pastor) pastor of outreach and Secretary of clergy 3 spots are open,
we can define them by law and post the positions if y'all like.
Those 3.
S- If they don't already have definition, why do we have them?
C- these positions are - options, They don't need to be filled at all but - if some one wants them or feels the need to serve they are available.
Jk- we should definitely define them.
C- outreach is a everybody thing as far as clergy.
if some one has a - niche for it- that might be a option for some one.
JK- and delineate what to do in case of vacancy.
C- but you are right we can define them. truthfully we do need to.Maybe post the path of things in a link for us to keep it all together. Some info on the site isn't readily available as i would have hoped. its not hidden, but we do need to locate where everything is at for resource purposes.
S- i don't think there's any point in positions that don't have definitions. at that point, they are just titles for the sake of titles.
C- that's another thing...but ill get back to that.so these next few days, ill take some time to find all the charters and locations and definitions of positions and pull em all together! sound good?
anyone can join in if they like but i can do that for now- i would like to know for sure as well too. That can be my assignment gladly. any objection?
JK- objection, they exist in the charter predate.
JK- already
C- yes, you know where its at?
JK- the charter needs sifting- it defines our purpose and our mission. the by laws describe the way in which we accomplish that. i cant link it right now but there's only the one- we have been referring too.
S- i would like to see the charter period. the only document i have seen for this whole darn Temple is either a copy for the Articles of Incorporation or articles of amendment. i don't remember which, and i'm pretty sure it wasn't intended to be shared the way it was.
C- good good link it yes? and we will post it in a accessible place for all to see...
https://www.templeofthejediorder.org/forum/Clergy/122954-link-to-the-bylaws-clergy : created after meeting
ill do the same the moment i find it so, i have my assignment. we know what needs to be done, true?
find that thing and bring it out and dust it off.
JK- i cant link now im on my phone. can any one else grab it.? it also has positions and definitions as they currently stand. one thing we need to re consider, is the role of the clergy, and how these positions, if they even do, fit our charter and our mission and purpose.
C- cant i'm mobile.
JK- i don't necessarily think that's anyone homework , as i thought it was something we were gunna do today.
C- lol
R- are you guys referring to this (see above link!)
S- ok , good. so there's a charter and definitions.
C- link posted
there ya go there for ever
JK- see, the by laws and the charters have been confused and put together as one document. they need to be separating.
C- so we post those definitions of the positions? i won't post anything official till we all agree for now whats cool- i know we got 2 synod now- but i would like to hear what we all got to say.
JK- separated, sorry Carlos, but i can not understand your last comment
C- k we have the definitions right there of the 3 offices- do we post those?
R- i think you'd be safe with that. they are vague but i think they are purposely vague.
C- nods
C- we can do that, i can do that. any objections? let the presses begin from there.
dang it
JK- what exactly are posting them for? filling vacancies?
C- well...the charter says - when an office is available, a public notice will be made to the Temple requesting applications.
JK-ahh understood. i say post em
C- options should be available to choose anytime right?
JK- who votes on filling em?
C- synod
JK-which is currently two people?
R- indeed
C- yes, so we can do that- post open positions and shake off the dust and begin service anew again or still...
so in that vibe, as part of the discretion of duties, it is a minister licence clergy person is expected to regularly contribute to the Temples sermon calendar and to engage in clerical outreach in accordance with policies set by the synod and clergy.A licensed clergy person is encouraged to create a cleric..... i had to find it but can i encourage you all - i'm never demanding anything but send some sermons. i hope we can find some time to fulfill our oaths to our titles.
JK- i do not want to stop, and pulling out my uncomfortability with sermon making. coming from a zen background, personal and intimate experience of the Force can be hindered by verbose commentary not to mention it creates a swath of literature to wade through.
C- lol worth the wade: get it , worth the wait! wade-lol
JK- i think we should remove the point of regular sermon contributions.
C- just a challenge and a friendly reminder. if y'all wanna start a weekly and monthly thing feel free to send me a link on the Temple and ill post it to the welcome to the temple post i make weekly for the new comers.
question JK.
JK- i disagree; there are some sermons out there and i have read, that in my opinion, miss the mark entirely.
C- i have a question for you JK..if in ministry work, we find things aren't for us directly, would it be wise to keep that availability for others?
i have to remind myself often that maybe some one could utilize the tools i cant- they why take them away.'not a question and answer type of question but something to think about. our mission when we began was your question. what do you think? what do y'all think?
JK- i think we should keep sermons for those who like to do them, but to make them mandatory, i disagree with.
C- i kinna agree with that- the availability factor.
JK- and there's no provision in the by laws / charter to make amendments to the original document. we need to add that.
C- that charter- i believe is the first attempt if i'm not mistaken, things can always be adjusted.
JK- it is, but i was on that committee and no one has noticed it or changed anything since.
C- nice- well we are in charge now so...that's what we are here for.
C-typo my phone is on the fritz not sure why it sent that honestly. so the hour has come and we have direction?
JK- ahh ok
C- i can post all this and let every one join in as well. anything else?anyone need anything? reminders invitations to weddings....parties...?
JK- i think every one here that wants to be a part of this change.
C- nods
R- i think the main thing from my angle is get a few synod spots filled. we do have a member waiting on potential ordination.
C- true- we have the Dude awaiting ordination.
JK- yes- i have volunteered for AP and the dude wants ordaining. i volunteered months ago.
R- does the dude have a handbook i missed?
C- no he is working on it as we speak. actively
JK- he is working on it, i can verify it personally.
R- i was , however, thinking of Locksley
C- Locksley is a good candidate too
JK- where is Locksley today?
C-lets kick the dust off- hes got a student and hes in and out- his Temple time is monthly mostly
JK- so do many of us.
C-lol u asked smiley face
R- i will say from my experience he has been a great help to the seminary and should not be overlooked.
C-nods, ok so we have a heading, good. ill post whats needed and we can go from there. sound good! May the Force be with y'all and thanks for taking the time to come.
JK- are we done?
C- any additions or anything like that, post that in the clergy section where this goes. anything else?any one?
R- i think we are good for now. hopefully this can get the ball rolling.
C- right!
JK- i guess this will do.
C- lol good good!
R- is there something you were hoping to discuss further jk?
JK- nope
C- cool groovy and all that jazzz
JK- it just feels like we went through this very quickly, with only half the participating members.
C- an hour goes by quick hu?
JK- i never knew there was a time limit on our meeting.
C- nope. anything else?
Going once
going twice
2 2/3....
2 9/10.... coo
thank yall for taking a active part - yall are the clergy flat out. see yall in the seek.
force be with yall as yall seek it!
thanks steam jk rax waves at all yall!
R- force be with you as well man
jk- *sends sunflowers and fall leaves twice!*

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