Minutes : May 26,2019

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C--Carlos, N--Nakis, R--Ros, T/TF--Thomasfaulkner, V--V-Tog

C: Did ya'll bring a pen and paper? lol
I want to welcome Yall, V, Ros, Nakis...thank ya'll for showing up
N: No need for pen and paper when it's all text
C: I want to thank Rosalyn for all the hard work she has done so far for the Clergy and for our Temple
T: I'm here
V: Yes, Thank you so much Ros :)
R: Thank you all
C: Also I want to thank V and Rosalyn for posting sermons during this transition time of receiving a new pastor
Hi Big T, thanks for coming
Both of ya'lls efforts shines so bright by doing that...blows my mind
I am glad that we have ya'll
Greatful, thank you
Please don't stop! Keep going bright!
V: No problem Carlos, Happy to be actually fulfilling a Clergy duty once again!
C: smileyface
This meeting is going to be a bit different
I am greatful for Rosalyn, and Alex, and Cabur and all of those who have come before me...
I am not them.
I am not Pastors past, do not expect me to be

Thanks to the efforts, archives, and openness...
I can learn and bring now their influences forward and present and apply them today.
May they shine bright blue, now and forever in this wonderful place we call our Temple.
This meeting is going to go like this...
Content Intro, Points 1, 2, and 3...then open time for discussion at the end.
pretty easy right?
Patty: ok hand emoji
TF: Thumbs up emoji
C: 1. We won't for time sake forget info, and 2 when posted, we wont have to scroll for the meat and potatoes.
So with intros out, I got 3 things.
Sermons, Support, and Outreach...ready ya'll?
Now ya'll know why I said bring a pen and pad. lol
*hi Patty
Patty: Wave Emoji
C: Ros, V, Big T, Nakis? Ready?
N: Yes
TF: Green For Go
V: Ready Steady
C: Good Good
Sermons: Anyone can micromanage, I don't like to , not my thing. That being said...
Sermons: Secretary of Synod is vacant at the moment, we will post it and all the needed info will be done and posted.
meanwhile, the Sermon schedule will be done and posted. I'm going to fill all the gaps that are needed til we get what we need and the time that we need. N: Is anyone open to me doing another Sermon series?
C: Do it! Put your name in the Sermon schedule, when your time comes, post it. There will be links and everything at the end of the posting of the minutes at the end for everything needed. There are directions on how to post a sermon. It's your turn on your day, post it. If at anytime you feel a sermon is needed, or any word of encouragement, if it just flows to ya and ya got it, and it's not your time on the schedule, or it's random. Give us a heads up, go post it. You never know who WILL benefit from it. I'll never reach everyone. and if I tried...I'd go nuts. That's why we have a Clergy. So many different paths here, YOU, will present or say something WE cannot. That's one of the greatest ideas of Jedi Clergy I have found. The differences that help.
Now flashbacks, I will post an open invite, for all the temple to post a 1 paragraph max explanation on how a sermon in the past has helped today. I encourage every member of the Clergy to participate...if they like. For now, once a month, 1 sermon, but it may add encouragement to visit our archives of sermons in our efforts.
Now: Support. supporting one another can cause growth. If you need it or want it, ask and you shall receive. Real talk; if you don't do it; it might not get done. I loved it when V and Ros stepped up, that made us look strong, real talk. I love it when Knights encourage one another, and others. That makes us strong. Support comes in different forms, but the best form is...try.
Last is Outreach: Every member of Clergy is encouraged to reach out. Outreach is all our privilege, lets use what we got. Anyone can post in the Outreach part of the Temple and everyone is Encouraged to respond. The more different types of encouragement we give, the better. We have an Outreach Leader Pastor Spot vacant, that as well will posted in its time, as we go along.
So, all that being said...and I know its a lot...but it's not really.
Any questions, comments, additions...the floor is y'alls.
N: Just to validate, the positions that have an LOA in them are being officially vacated.
C: We have needs and some positions need more time dedicated to them than others. Some need more familiarization to them as well, but in a short answer...yes. That will be posted at Interviews and Requirements....and all that will be posted. Nothing wrong with the LOA, yet positions like Synod Secretary and Outreach Pastor, need more time given present than away. It's only fair to the person and the position, and the Temple.
N: Have you communicated what will happen to those in those seats.
C: Yes, they are currently vacant and open for interviews
N: Right on, just double checking.
C: Right on, no beef smileyface
N: In regards to our current stable of clergymembers still available, and able to take on these positions and other such positions, what is your plan to increase participation and facilitate the Seminary and allow for these needs to be met?
C: Your series question earlier, if you want to post it in the ministers corner, post it there and ask for what you need. If you need people to join ya or subject feel free to do that and count me in.
N: Can do.
My question about needs being me, I have multiple facets on that.
C: And position will be available, there are many ways to get a hold of me, and us as clergy. Use 'em or post questions on the clergy side. Use your available ways. Truthfully, positions are not a huge consent of mine right now. than rather seeing everyone find their footing and helping one another, come back to things and all get on the same page.
N: I'm concerned because they need to be filled, but certain jobs have specific duties to them, the Synod Charter and all that Jazz.
C: An old boss told me; work at what you want, and I'll gladly pay you for it. Same thing here-can apply.
N: As it stands, across the Temple, our resources are stretched pretty thin. And I was hoping to hear more of your plan to address that. and help facilitate the increase of Clergy members and help bring up qualified members to lessen the impact on ranking members who have ability but not time.
C: Ren asked me a very good question I can relay here, do they? and how? Do you need a secretary to be a pastor? or others to be pastor? It hit me hard because the way he told me, and at that moment, I realized...No.
Not saying those positions don't need filling, but if I was to rush and fill names in...would that be a benefit or would it do harm?
N: This is of course, in conjunction with the long gestation period for clergy members to reach ordination.
C: There are qualifications are still needed, you can't rush some things.
V: I don't think we necessarily need 5 Synod members, but we do need all of the duties of those roles carried out.
C: *nods at V*
V: I guess that is the difficulty. Making sure some things don't get completely neglected in the mean time.
C: true V
Rosalyn: There are qualifications that are still needed, we can't rush some things.
Former Pastor, can confirm.
C: Wouldn't it be nice to see someone, always reaching out...to become a member of our Outreach...then Pastor of Outreach...then so on?
Wouldn't a path like that be more beneficial than those that crash and burn?!
TF: Would it be easier for now, to itemize a list of duties that willing hands could complete until positions can be filled.
C: Yes T, Sermons posting--and the ability to let each of us post our own sermons, can do this as well as free us a bit more, don't ya think.
N: That can indeed.
C: One less NEED to worry about, type of thing. And make less load for all of us in the long run.
N: In the interest of meeting brevity, I will post my thoughts and concerns, on the forum for the general situation I am concerned for more as a reference point. for where I am coming from. As opposed to an intent to fix it, as I believe there is no magic bullet.
C: Any questions about Sermons, Outreach, Support and Additions?
Any ideas to add?
Right on, Nakis.
N: Not really RCTOTJO is changing gears
C: Good
N: We have a tax ID, bank account, and paypal now.
C: V, Big T, Rosalyn, Patty?
You are a shining example.
TF: I'm square Pastor.
N: Not really, we lost 6 months of time with foolishness
C: Can I send people your way sometimes to chat about things like that Nakis?
N: Absolutely.
C: You're kind of the resident expert about actual community outreach, you and Jack, in my book.
R: I'm just listening
N: I hardly consider myself an expert, after this latest thing, but that's another conversation.
V: I'm good for now. Interested to see what you post, Nakis. As I think there are different concerns about the sustainability of the Clergy going forward that we need to address
R: I'm happy to serve, please use my hands as you see fit.
C: If you like, and can Nakis, post something about that---and explain all the Dos and Don'ts and such. That would benefit future members and ones today, to know where and what way to go.
Right on V.
I can't and won't be doing everything myself
I need ya'll
TF: I'll echo Ros' comment as I reintegrate myself back into duties.
C: I need ya'lls glow
I would love to glow ya'll colors, I can't
Real talk.
Patty: [ok emoji]
V: You are doing great though, Carlos. You thanked Ros for her work at the start but may I just thank you on behalf of all of us for taking up the mantle and carrying on the good work.
R: Yes, certainly thank you.
C: The only way I can, is if YALL are there to show me how and to help the Temple. I'm here for y'all and for us. I want to serve.
Thank you V, coming from you and Ros....gives me fire inside to keep following yalls example...
So I'll post this and leave it for more discussion.
An other questions??
Last call
N: None at this time
P: Nope, I'm good
C: I am blessed to be a part of this and a part however small or large I'm allowed.

Pastor of Temple of the Jedi Order
Build, not tear down.
Nosce te ipsum / Cerca trova
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