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13 Aug 2020 15:19 - 13 Aug 2020 15:22 #353813 by
Hello my dear warriors, i hope you are all okay..
There is a type of music that can enrich your meditation experiences, help you fall asleep, relax, achieve lucid dreaming, and more..

This kind of music changed my life a couple of years ago.
In every sense of the word ... When I couldn't push myself to meditate, I listened to music like this.

When I needed help with focusing, relaxing ... When I wanted to introduce someone to the world of meditation and it all seemed too boring for them to start..

In our brain, we experience something called brain waves. These are roughly the regimes and different speeds of our state of minds. For example, when we are maximally present and focused, we are mostly in gamma brain waves, when we are relaxed, creative, we are in alpha mode. Delta frequencies are, for example, for sleeping, and Theta are probably the most mysterious waves that serve as a some kind of bridge between the conscious and subcnoscious mind and who knows what else..

There are various techniques of brain wave modulation such as isochronic tones, binaural beats, etc.
Through years of listening to and enjoying this kind of music, over time I started making it myself.

From all sides I tried to collect only the best, details and techniques that made me the most significant effects, feelings.. I listened to the opinions of many people, and so I created something for everyone, a lot of different things for different purposes .. If you are fascinated by lucid dreams and astral projections like me, I think you will be pleasantly surprised what you can achieve with this kind of music ..

The music is in Ambisonic format, so-called 8D Audio.
This means that different sounds and music in general move "inside" and around your head in different paths to activate many parts of the brain at the same time. I would recommend using headphones to experience these effects in their full light.

During my journey, I learned over time how to easily target the third eye region (pineal gland), and really got very positive comments plus fantastic personal experiences. If the music I create doesn't resonate with me and I don't like it, I don't I post on youtube, that is my # 1 rule.

I really try to give some value to others and that is my highest priority. Really, more and more people globally are starting to understand the power of healing with sound, and various frequencies, and derive many benefits from the whole story. I even introduced my mother to this world. She had problems with frequent insomnia and she used to take various medications and nonsense to solve this problem.

I hope I didn’t take up a lot of your time and I apologize to you for the long post. If you want, it would mean a lot to me to give a chance to my music, and if you like it, to subscribe to the channel to be informed about future creations.. Everything is completely free:)

At the end of this post, I will post some of my favorite soundtracks that i love the most, I hope that everyone will find something for themselves.

Please bring your headphones for the full potential.
I am grateful for your presence and time

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13 Aug 2020 18:23 #353818 by Gisteron
At the risk of sounding hostile, do you have any interest in Jediism or in studying any of it or in contributing to it or any other discourse on this website?

To my memory - and the search results seem to be in agreement with it - your entire post history consists of these magical music threads and absolutely nothing else whatsoever. You used to allege a dominant presence of some frequencies when of course there wasn't, and that they had some healing or more abstract magical properties which of course they don't. As tempting as it is to me, and as befitting of my reputation it would be to challenge you yet again on the contents of your post, I have learned, as others noticed, too, that engaging with you so will in all likelihood yield no interesting conversation. So, for now, I shan't

In foregoing this, a more generous soul than mine might choose instead to congratulate and encourage you on your newfound hobby of generating these tunes. While highly repetitive ambient tracks with over an hour runtime each may not be a style I am personally interested in, art legitimizes itself just fine without the need for any acknowledgement from cynics. That being said, every single track you ever featured in your posts since last summer was from the same channel you say is your own.

So with this in mind, and without disputing the value of your product to some of our users, I ask again: What purposes, other than self-promotion, are you here to pursue?

Better to leave questions unanswered than answers unquestioned
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