During Meditation, Use the Force.

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Being at one with the Force is good. And it is also good to use the force during meditations. Sometimes I find I have a block or barrier to feeling at peace. It may be an emotion or an image. I have realized that the word "emotion" has the word motion in it. To me, my emotions are sometimes stuck pictures or thoughts of past events that were pretty extreme and stressful. The memory of this past event brings with it the stress, fears and so on. During my meditations I will identify this stuck feeling, in my gut, or chest, then use the force to move it. As it moves, I can see it for what it is, in many points of view, not just one stuck viewpoint. It becomes unstuck and lighter as the past emotions of that particular event dissipates. I also will see why I held onto such a memory, as its value becomes known to me.

For instance, as a child of 5 years old, I was walking home from Kindergarten, something most kids did back then, and I was bullied by an, 11 year old. He picked me up by me feet and laughed as he held me for a moment, then put me down. I was so angry, I began to run after him. He saw that and quickly ran away, down the street. I remember stopping and asking myself why was I running, as if I could do anything to him even if I did catch him. I was a really little kid next to him.

During my meditation I realized that I wasn't afraid, but felt powerful, like I could win a battle with him. I acknowledged the power that I had forgotten so many years ago, and the stress of the event lifted from my gut. I was holding onto such a memory not because I was afraid, but because I wasn't.

The force creates inner movement in my mind and body , as I meditate, where emotions become The Force.

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24 Nov 2018 12:56 #329494 by Ganner Rhysode
One might say you were acting out of anger, seeking revenge, which is of the dark side. It's good you were able to let go of those feelings. I too was bullied when I was young, and found it difficult to let go of my hatred for those bullies. That's when I remembered something someone said: "Of all the people you hate, half of the them don't know it, and the other half don't care." My anger accomplished nothing. Once I was able to release those feelings, I actually felt pity for those people.

In the end, you have no enemies, only emotions that you cling to.

The dance is all there is: from the whirls of quarks to the wheel of galaxies, all is motion.
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All is.
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24 Nov 2018 14:47 #329496 by Silvermane
The very first part of the Jedi Code is: Emotion, yet Peace. (There is no Emotion, there is only Peace - old version) Meditation can be an inward journey or an outward one, depending on what you are doing. Many use meditation to calm their hearts and minds because of stress and other things. This is going inward and these meditations usually include thinking about those things that are stressing us out and causing the problems. This will, usually, result in one of two things. 1: You stress yourself out more and brood upon it instead of meditate and you find yourself in a worse situation than before. Some might consider this Dark aside meditating because you are letting the emotions consume your very being which can lead to making bad choices. 2: You find the root cause of the stressors, acknowledge them, name them and, like you said, use the Force to move them, cleansing them from your body. There will still be triggers for them but your stress levels shouldn’t get as high since you know what they are now and you no longer let them have control over you. Emotion, yet Peace.

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24 Nov 2018 15:25 #329497 by Carlos.Martinez3
There are so many times in my life I look back and just calm myself down for things that have already happened.

Meditation is used for specific things some times. I should say it CAN be used for specific things. There are so many dofremt applications - techniques - suggestions- subjects - ways- ideas- new and old the possibilities are quite a lot. One of the better ways for me in my own personal life is to say why I am doing it and have a focus or a idea of where or why I’m doing it. Meditation itself takes time to practice and time to fail. We would all like to sit down and become this huge massive wonderful all seeing thing at times but in real life - practice is needed to get past the first few obstacles of small things like rest and time management - those help a lot in mediation. When I use the Force or my Force or even some one else’s definition - that’s when I learn on top of everything else. The Force is a many things to a many people and that’s ok. One of my big things in my own Modern day Jedi ism is simply can I continue my faith when I see others creating similar results with not so similar parts of the equation aka can I still seek and learn while others do the same learning different ways and ... can I learn from results that almost always vary?
Welcome to the Temple Fox1 and I hope we can share more as we all walk along this wonderful path we call modern day Jedi ism. There’s a very real possibility here of finding and making ones own way in life as well as learning about other people’s paths and ways too. Enjoy your seeking and may the Force be with you friend !

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24 Nov 2018 20:52 - 24 Nov 2018 21:22 #329509 by Fox1

From my practices of meditation with the Force, I experience greater freedom in using it with my physical exercise. Running, weightlifting and mountain hiking as well as yoga, balance training and other forms are routines I have been doing for years. But I have come to realize that they become more fulfilling when I stay in touch with the Force through my exercises. I can feel a greater potential in myself as I become something more than just a body that is exercising.

For example, as I lift the weighted bar from the ground with my muscles to complete a repetition, I am simultaneously using my experience of the Force to assist in that repetition. I feel a more complete workout with this method.

Or, another example is jogging up the mountain trail using my experience of the Force. In this case, I envision reaching beyond, outside my body, amongst the amazing scenery of nature, to assist me in pulling myself up the mountain. I experience threads of light coming out from my core, or torso area, as part of my extension within the Force, and using them to propel myself to higher elevations. I become a dancing Jedi amongst the mountain tops. Yet, if someone passes me on the trail, they just see some guy hiking with a smile on his face, as we exchange a cordial "Hello".

I am so exhilarated when I am finished, it is like a great cleansing of mind and body. A more complete workout I have had, when I use the Force.

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24 Nov 2018 21:08 #329510 by Arisaig
Replied by Arisaig on topic During Meditation, Use the Force.

Fox1 wrote:

Honestly, I love this scene. Prolly one of the best in the series. But, at this moment, he's still trying. It just goes to show a very powerful aspect of the Force. Yes, you can try hard and grasp it... but in trying, it slips through your fingers. Yes, for that brief instance you do indeed hold it, but you can't grasp it and you lose it the second you lose focus. It becomes so that, in not trying, you always hold it. Its almost paradoxical, to have a greater hold of something you are aware of but aren't trying to hold than someone who is actively trying to take ownership of this power.

I always wonder if such a thing would happen during my meditations one day. For example, it was only in giving up and not trying to astral project that I succeeded. I still, to this day, attempt to feel and influence the energy about it. Perhaps one day I'll unconsciously give up and succeed... and probably end up breaking a lamp or two in the process XD... but that is the price of learning, eh?

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24 Nov 2018 21:31 #329511 by Fox1
Worth a broken lamp, it is.

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07 Dec 2018 03:34 #330247 by Fox1

Confrontation, a Force Meditation Technique

Like our Ostrich friends, hiding one's head in the sand after a confrontation with fear, we may have similar desires when dealing with something we are afraid of. I use techniques of focus to uncover the secrets of my own life, so that I may expand my awareness and become free from stress of memories, emotions. Uncovering the secrets buried within can be an amazing journey.
"Life doesn't keep secrets from us because of it's malice, but holds secrets within itself because of it's grandeur." A. Einstein.

I use a method of following my breath to first relax, when starting my meditation. No Mantras, just following my breath. The stress of the day is let go as I become more relaxed and move to a deeper state of meditation. I soon am able to focus with clarity on a particular stress point or problem. It can be from moving to higher consciousness levels to dealing with specific problems. I may use a form of balance of time integration to uncover greater viewpoints that were hidden to me on a particular subject, or just use observation techniques as the problem changes colors and intensities with every breath.

I see how the Force is a connection to everything, and all living beings, and how the light and dark sides influence patterns during my life. I realize that loss, emotions, and even death are all of the Force. There is no death, there is only the Force. Such a strong statement of truth to realize.... a realization that the Force is always there for us. We are one with the Force.

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