A Trial of using all five senses. Day 3 (thoughts and a story)

30 Oct 2018 16:24 #328630 by Atania Kenobi
So, I started to rethink about this form of meditation and I didn't quite find a resolve for it. When someone is blind, deaf, unable to use a/ multiple parts of their body, or like a snake with their tongue. They have to improve on their other senses to make up for the one they lost. Yes, snakes didn't necessary 'lose' their sense of smell, but the way they use their tongues is fascinating. Now some of you had mentioned to me about missing 'taste' in the original meditation and this is why I'm somewhat rethinking this part of the meditation. Instead of using all five senses use the four senses (unless you want to use taste) that either need to improve or that you regularly use on a daily basis.
For example, somedays my hearing needs improvement or my eyes are overwhelmed with how regularly I use them. I take what I know that needs to improve or that needs to be relaxed and I find a way to use my environment to help, but with people who are deaf or blind, they have to mentally and physically improve their other senses. For these individuals, I respect the fact that they are more in tune with themselves and their environment more so than the individuals that do not have obscured senses because they have to trust and respect their environment to help them.
There is a story that I read when I was little called "The Story of My Life." it was about a girl named Hellen Keller who was both blind and deaf. She had struggled to adapt to her environment because her parents did not know how to help her until a woman named Annie Sullivan, a teacher came to help Hellen. I had a children's version, but I managed to find a pdf version of the story if you wish to read it.


I hope this has been enlightening for you all. I may not have fully explained this form of meditation, but I hope I have cleared away some of the fog.
~May the force be with you

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