Welcome to the Meditation Forum!

15 Jul 2017 18:59 #291013 by Kit
Please feel free to post meditations and meditation journals here!

Meditation Journals:
Please follow the same courtesy as the other journals. If there is something you wish to discuss, send a message to the owner rather than posting in the journal.

Post a new thread for each new meditation. If you have a variation on a meditation already posted, you are welcome to reply to that thread with it.

This will be a collection of meditations practiced by members here. If you have a meditation you enjoy practicing, please write it up for others to share. If you find a meditation on another website you wish to share don’t forget to credit them by quoting their text and adding their link. You are also welcome to add any known sources of a meditation. (e.g. “This is a traditional Buddhist meditation” )

Questions or comments about meditations are welcome in the threads unless the Original Poster requests otherwise.

Any meditations that are very similar or the same will be combined. Please report these to the moderator if you find them.
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