Do you read to the younglings at night?

3 years 5 months ago #356891 by Carlos.Martinez3
Do Modern day Jedi Parents read out loud before their children go to sleep? Is it important? Is reading out loud to kids as a Modern day Jedi important? Please feel free to share here.

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A clear YES! :)
I believe that reading aloud is one of the most important things in raising a child. This time
is one of the most intimate moments between parents and children during the day. You show that your
child is the most important thing in this moment and that the moment belongs entirely to him.

Reading aloud creates an atmosphere of security, togetherness and familiarity.
I have noticed that while reading, or afterwards, your child talks to you about the fears, joy,
disappointments, and all the things that have preoccupied them and have to deal with them during the day.
This moment is the moment when you, as a wise advisor, as a protector, guardian, as a loving parent, can give your child a basis.

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