[LIVE!] IP Study Hall Sat Nov 3rd 8pm EST

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I will not be attending but should any clergy related questions arise, you can reach me through the Contact Clergy button or through my personal information provided here .

May you all be happy and free. Best of luck at the meeting.
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A great big THANK YOU to everyone who made it to the IP Study Hall! It's so Wonderful to be having these sessions again :)

Looking forward to December!

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In spite of it's proximity to another summertime/winteritme clock shift, we managed to avoid the pitfalls of Bob Marley, and hosted ON TIME in Steamboats' unofficial discord. It was our first time hosting as a team, and our first time back in a while; so we thank you all for being forgiving of the kinks! We should have these worked out this time.

Newcomers Ceremony
The following newcomers ceremony will be arranged to fall sometime after the next IP Study Hall session in December 1st . Apologies were sent for the very late cancellation, and we are looking forward to a successful meeting this time... Hopefully with some finished IPs checked off to be announced! Keep on with the great studying folks!

Doctrine Meditations – for IP Lesson 5
For the time being, doctrine meditations have been put on pause, but if there is interest in topical discussion on points within the doctrine; going deeper into the meaning of any point or points; do contact any of the IP Study Hall Team members (ThatchedWorker, ThomasWFawlkner, Nakis, Rex, or myself) and we will look into hosting live sessions; get some open discussion and debate going on these interesting points that are the underpinning of communal life here at the temple. Open debate is also encouraged at https://www.templeofthejediorder.org/forum/ip-study-hall

IP Sponsors and the IP Team
Rex has recently been appointed head of the IP Team. The IP team are looking for more participants on both sides. Apprentices and Knights would be incredibly helpful in volunteering, while Novices are encouraged to reach out and ask any questions they have. Rex can highly recommend participating in the IP Sponsorship programme as an addition to your studies. Please contact him for more details, and speaking for myself I highly enjoyed the partnership I have had with Brick. If your IP Sponsor has left, stopped contacting you, or you would like a change, please also contact Rex.

Contact with the clergy
The TotJO Clergy are there for you should you feel at any time that you want to talk something over. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, or the IP touches on a topic and if just does no feel comfortable. If that's the case, it's time to have a cup of tea, chit chat it out, and get the messy integrated back into our daily lives. The clergy are not therapists, but they are friendly people, willing to listen. You can contact them through the "Contact the clergy" button, top right of the temple website, or you can read through their profiles and contact any of them here: https://www.templeofthejediorder.org/forum/Clergy/67590-who-to-go-to-for-help

How to be Helpful
Many people come to temple and are not sure what they can do to contribute. Here are some ideas:
1) Pop in to say hello in chat or on the forums - the Study Hall is there around the clock, not just in the live sessions, and someone will get back to you :)
2) Subscribe to the "new members thread so you can welcome new arrivals to the temple, and don't forget to extend them an invite to any events at temple you know are happening!
3) Contact us with your observations and ideas on temple life – everyone has a unique perspective, and if your voice isn't heard we will never know what your experiences have been like. Please reach out and talk to us – the IP Study Hall team want to know how you make use of the study hall space; and we are open to listen to your ideas for improvements. Please feel free to contact any of us.

Praxeum Study Hall Space
At the request of the TotJO council, the IP Study Hall Team have been busy creating an independent but secure Study Hall space for future voice based fellowship meetings. We hope that you will be happy to join us there for the IP Study support and community offered. You can find us here: https://discord.gg/akDBNbu Installing Discord SHOULD be as easy as clicking on this link. If you have any difficulties at all please contact anyone in the IP Study Hall Team – we want to keep the boundaries to access as low as possible. And of course, everyone is welcome.

So when is the next session?
The first European friendly timed Study Hall session will be held at 8PM Central European Time on Saturday 1st December in the Praxeum Study Hall Space .

My Thanks
Well, it wouldn't be a minutes session without a HUGE THANK YOU at the end. I have been blown away by the massive energy and support shown by the IP Study Hall Team. Nakis, your cool head and order has been a massive blessing, thank you. Rex, your critical eye and sense of humour bring me so much balance, thank you. Thomas, you've really been there to pick up the pieces and shown me how to carry on when I've know I can't. Thank you. Thatched, you've stepped up to the plate, and poured so much energy in; your ideas are all beautiful. Thank you.
THANK YOU all, so very much. Looking forward to seeing you in December!

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