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15 Jul 2012 05:28 #66891 by Proteus
Replied by Proteus on topic My Friend
My heart breaks with the pain that his family must be enduring with this loss...

But I smile to know BJ must be free from the pain he endured, to return safely to the Force.

“For it is easy to criticize and break down the spirit of others, but to know yourself takes a lifetime.”
― Bruce Lee

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  • hellisforhorses
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15 Jul 2012 07:28 - 15 Jul 2012 07:28 #66895 by hellisforhorses
Replied by hellisforhorses on topic My Friend
I'm sorry to hear of BJ's passing. It breaks my heart to think of his family and friends, the sorrow they, must be feeling, and I wish that pain on no one. It brings me comfort knowing that he has returned to the Force, but it hurts knowing the pain and grief left after his passing. My thoughts are with his family and with you. May the Force guide you and his family through this terrible time. My condolences.
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15 Jul 2012 11:28 #66902 by Ben
Replied by Ben on topic My Friend
I offer my heartfelt condolances, whilst feeling as though that is woefully inadequate and wishing there was more that I could do. I am holding you and BJ's family in my thoughts, and praying for BJ as he journeys on into the Force. I know that at these times it is sometimes hard to remember that no-one ever truly leaves us, but try to hold onto that thought if you can :)

B.Div | OCP

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  • Kimla Daalm
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15 Jul 2012 16:18 #66908 by Kimla Daalm
Replied by Kimla Daalm on topic My Friend
My prayers are with BJ' s life force returning to the Force, and especially with his family who must be suffering great sorrow at the loss of their loved one.
May the Force be with them all at this time..

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  • shadowmere
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15 Jul 2012 19:10 #66915 by shadowmere
Replied by shadowmere on topic My Friend
i just hate how another had to die... we as a race focus on getting the latest iphone or gadgets when really the scientists should focus on finding a cure to the real problems. so what if we don't have the latest tech to go on facebook, so what if we don't have the newest everything. once again cancer has taken a fellow human and i for one think its time we start ending its evil life. i don't care for the 'its impossible to do that, shadow' or 'don't think like that, its nature' because i lost 90% of the people i loved to this monster and now Damion has suffered too. i was driven mad from seeing pain, and i promise you, even if i forget, that i will find the cure to cancer. i will end the suffering. and i don't care if when i do the earth gets too crowded. we should stop having billions of children. 1 in a family is enough.

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  • Phortis Nespin
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17 Jul 2012 13:47 #67115 by Phortis Nespin
Replied by Phortis Nespin on topic My Friend
I pray for those of us who are left to bear the burden of his physical loss. Rest assured that The Force has made him whole again and his Force presence is with you and his family.

May the Force grant you and his family peace in the knowledge that he, his consciousness, has not died, but has returned to the source of all creation.

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