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29 May 2011 07:59 #39123 by JediChef
Replied by JediChef on topic real force users
I believe for most of us "Force Powers" are more subtle.

More akin to a guiding intuition.

The first time I felt the force was way back in 1996, I was in culinary school, had a full time job and an awesome girlfriend.

She picked me up from the train station one day and dropped me off at work. About an hour later, I felt what I tell everyone was a disturbance in the force, A wave of unease came over me. I called my brother and asked him if he could check out my apartment. He did. He came to my work to tell me that he found my girlfriend, and one of my friends un-clothed, in my bed. I asked him to tell her parents.

This also leads up to force based rage(adrenaline). No , not a good thing. A few days later we encountered each other, allegedly I was kicked in the chest 4 times and wouldn't stop charging him.

I have never felt the Force as strong since.

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29 May 2011 12:58 #39132 by Jedi_Nim
Replied by Jedi_Nim on topic real force users
Sounds like to me that you gave into hatred... Used anger as a weapon. Summoned the force to your will for a vengeful purpose. These are sith actions as well as weakness we must all at some point over come in life. A wise man once said to me "If you have to fight, you've already lost". Though your pride would have been hurt by walking away, the energy that you charged up could have been used for a positive action instead. We must, especially as Jedi, harness our energies and turn the negative into positive. Bring Peace and Love into ANY situation. Your actions were not selfless and in service to others. You thought only inward about how YOU felt. I am not saying the situation was not a bad one. It was natural to feel upset. It's how we deal with these issues that makes us better than that. One other thing. You must learn to let go of your attachments to meaningless things. A cheating girlfriend is not meaningful. Your attachment to her became not just attachment but possession. If you did not think this way, you would not have fought. As humans as well as animals of this planet, it's in our nature to protect and preserve that which is OURS. She was not yours to fight over. She is a free individual with a will of her own. Just as you have your own will. Then there is the will of the Force. If you would have put aside your feelings and listened to the force, you would not have attacked. Good luck in future endeavors and try to choose your companions more wisely in the future. :D

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30 May 2011 07:11 #39144 by JediChef
Replied by JediChef on topic real force users
I admitted in my post it wasn't a good thing.
This thread was about using the force with no specifics on what aspect.
I understand the points you make in your post, but I feel that you should have left it in a private message to me instead of judging me as you did.
I am also much older now , and more in control of things.
Thank you for your input.

And now back to our thread, currently in progress.

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30 May 2011 17:27 - 30 May 2011 17:37 #39160 by jake_sato
Replied by jake_sato on topic real force users
The dark side is in us all, it is a trial that we constantly over come. The rush of energy you felt, you are not alone. People experience jealously, rage, hatred, anger, and love. In very different ways. If you were truly broken hearted, your path could have been altered . However here you remain. Not the alternative. Thus yes you could have had a brush with the darkside, luckily your training prevented the change and again here you reman. Folks a Jedi is not immune to emotion as per the old code. Rather intune with peace, and the awareness that bad things can and do happen. Jedi acusing other Jedi of turning to he darkside is not the way. The force shows fact in it's existence everyday. It's how we interpret that manifestation, united.

Further more I believe in times we all must fight. "for Evil to triumph, all good men need to do is Nothing."
Ww1 ww2 Police soldiers mothers fathers , all found just cause to fight for something true no?
I could be wrong, to each thier own.
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30 May 2011 18:58 #39164 by Atar_Axus
Replied by Atar_Axus on topic real force users
Right, wrong, indifferent; even if someone had not spent the great part of their life dedicated to learning how to have an such immediate physical impact with metaphysical energy, and just happened to have a very "lucky" one in a billion moment of "accidental" discovery like this; even still if the one shoved was "ok" with it; there is still the point of the matter that this supposedly happened during a basketball game (please forgive the assumption); I don't personally feel like it is very sporting. Not that there is any rule in basketball against such a thing, it's still not very cool in the sport of competition, as I see it.

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30 May 2011 19:41 #39167 by The Old Doris
Replied by The Old Doris on topic real force users
When your girlfriend jumped into bed with you friend, she then took responsiblity of her actions and the actions that followed there after. You weren't responible for the course of events that she set in place.

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30 May 2011 19:52 #39169 by Jestor
Replied by Jestor on topic real force users
In my opinon...

In the end, we are all responsible, ultimatly, for our actions...

We can attribute, or blame, them on an outside stimuli... But this is why many of us are here, to learn to control the 'fly off the handel' responses we have grown used to making excuses for...

So many Journals here, begin:

"I came here hoping someone will show me how to stop being angry"

It was one of the things, I myself hoped for... It worked, somewhat, for me...

Just my thoughts... ;)

On walk-about...

Sith ain't Evil...
Jedi ain't Saints....

"Bake or bake not. There is no fry" - Sean Ching

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31 May 2011 00:54 #39176 by Mark Anjuu
Replied by Mark Anjuu on topic real force users
The Force is always in everything we do and we cannot separate our emotional responses from such a connection. Those moments in which we feel most alive are those in which we experience the Force at its most intense. Some situations are more involved than others and I'm sure we all know the feeling of rage and how powerful it can make us feel at the time. I hope that we have all also known the power of a moment of joy when staring at a sunset or gazing into the face of someone we love. These are the more subtle moments of recognising the Force.

The teachings and guidance offered at this Temple (and at other sites in the Jediism community) aim to provide support for us in those times when we lose control and our actions are spontaneous and irrational as a reulst of our experiences. Flying off the handle and hitting someone, being lost in passion and sleeping with someone too soon, these are just two examples of those times.

We shouldn't berate ourselves for doing these things because we're learning about ourselves and about life. In our more rational moments we can consider the actions that we have taken and maybe decide that we should have done things differently. If a similar situation arises in future, maybe we would take the other path instead. Through study, meditation, self-reflection and a quest for understanding ourselves and others, we can hope to reach a state of being where all of our actions are considered and made with wisdom. It's a neverending journey but that's the Jedi way.

So let us have compassion and tolerance for the mistakes we make and the trauma we inflict on ourselves and others. Make amends where we can, build bridges if possible, but always strive to act with a pure heart and a respect for all living things, ourselves included.

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31 May 2011 05:18 #39189 by Alethea Thompson
Replied by Alethea Thompson on topic real force users
Something else to note, and not to discredit you MikeBudo, but even a Ki/Chi master cannot always push someone with Ki/Chi. If the person has a strong enough belief against the move, they can effectively counter it without the slightest bit of motion involved.

(National Geographic Study)
(News Study-which offers explanations)

Gather at the River,
Setanaoko Oceana

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01 Jun 2011 08:24 #39238 by judahbenkenobi
Replied by judahbenkenobi on topic real force users
It was all in the game and everyone just kept playing like nothing happened, which still doesn't lead me to beleive I was hallucinating, I beleive I know what is real and what isn't. Our adrenaline was pumping and I'm sure since we fall a lot during basketball games the kid wasn't hurt, it was awesome to me because I've always wanted to have power to defend good from evil and I think I was in tune that day more than any other day. Every day I see and hear signs in every day things maybe because I"m looking for them but I do think it shows the Force is there for me. One small force push that was partially me and partially the Force, after I forced pushed him over I felt like I was in the Jedi Temple and I was just training with other Jedi, noone got hurt, we just kept playing. Weird I know and unbeleivable to the ears but hey, it's my crowning acheivement. Thanks for your comments bye

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