Baby Yoda

13 Dec 2019 17:35 #347235 by ZealotX
Baby Yoda was created by ZealotX
Behold... the cuteness

I'm not sure how we have yet to talk about this yet, but I thought there needed to be at least one thread about this impossibly cute new addition to Star Wars.

I've always weirdly thought Yoda was cute. And Yoda is, by wide margin, my favorite Jedi of the lore. But I was not prepared for Disney to reveal this bundle of baby joy and unleash his incredible cuteness upon an unsuspecting world.

For the first time in maybe forever Star Wars fans have come together in agreement on something. This, once previously thought to be impossible feat, is thanks to The Mandalorian.

The plot of the show is a mash of different things. It reminds me a lot of Eddie Murphy's "The Golden Child" where dark forces are in pursuit of a child with mystical powers. Many theories are floating around about baby Yoda being a clone and some think its actually Yoda's offspring. I wouldn't be surprised though if members of Yoda's species naturally reincarnate into new bodies and don't necessarily reproduce sexually. And either he is a clone or they want to clone him. Hell... I want to clone him. He's just so friggin cute.

What do you think about baby Yoda? Post your favorite Baby Yoda pics.
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Baby Yoda is the cutest :laugh:

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When ordered the “plush” is receipted as - THE CHILD- lol a bit of real talk there...

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