Jedi VS. Sith "article"

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This thread was posted in the Jediism section so it might have been intended to try and relate a non-Jediist article to Jediism, but yesterday I moved it to the Star Wars sections since discussion at that time had revolved around the fiction (plus given the linked article is about the fiction). I don't think there is anything wrong with discussing the fiction, or commentary on the fiction, in terms of real Jediism if people wanted to. Just saying!

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This is a topic I find really interesting. There are bad Jedi out there, take Dark Jedi from the Star Wars lore, and there is no reason for a bad person not to join this very temple!

As for the Sith, their beliefs can be seen as more self centred, but that isn't a bad thing; only when taken to the extreme is it bad.

And the same could be argued with Jedi beliefs; they could also be bad if taken to extreme.

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