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24 Dec 2015 05:35 #215708 by Jestor

Here, you want a great, recent quote, "I am Dark, because I am not yet light." ~Relan Volkum~

I freaking love that quote... haha...

Interesting, as this quote is not recent as I remember it, and is attributed to someone else.

Which tells me that while fiction is unforgettable, real people and the words attributed to them are. Mores the pity and actually making my point than anything else

Well, without naming names, this is who I was told said it a few years ago...

To whom do you attribute it?

And does the fiction being more memorable surprise you? Really, I mean?

It is shoved down our throats collectively, whereas we bicker over things and their validity or definitions...

On walk-about...

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01 Jan 2016 14:42 #217918 by Zac-Ek Plast
Replied by Zac-Ek Plast on topic [Star Wars Forum] - EU Defunct?

Brenna wrote: I LOOOOOVE the EU. Always have. Even more than the movies.

But I dont think that its invalid just because it no longer matches up with the movies. After all... its not real. And we are here to look at the meaning behind the stories, not the stories themselves so what does it matter :)

I'm more inclined to agree with the above.

While I haven't read all of the "old" EU novels, I always felt stories hold some meanings. Especially those novels from the 90s (Shadows of the Empire, The Thrawn Trilogy, The Jedi Academy Trilogy, etc.).

With the "new" EU coming out and the "old" EU being demoted to "Legends", I felt a shift in the Force, so to speak. Last week, I read Heir to the Jedi and Star Wars: Aftermath, then I begun to get a sense that the new books are getting "rushed" to meet the deadline or something. I felt no sense of meanings from these two books as I did with the old EU books. No real substance.

This sense of change in the "timeline" or "stories" got me thinking of "new timeline" of Star Trek films. With both of these "sci-fi universes" changing, our timeline is moving along a new direction, getting rid of our "old way of thinking", our "old comfort" with the current "stories".

Indeed, it made me mad that they're changing the stories. But, then again, our own "stories" are changing as we move into a new era or something...

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21 Jan 2016 02:52 #223259 by Sarca Necan
Replied by Sarca Necan on topic [Star Wars Forum] - EU Defunct?
I still think of the EU as canon. I don't care if Disney owns Lucasfilms now, the EU has been around well before they were in the picture, so personally i think they have no right to just shred up the lore like that. That said, i did still enjoy the Force Awakens and am impressed with what they've done. Just my two cents worth

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21 Jan 2016 06:37 #223281 by DexterDan
Replied by DexterDan on topic [Star Wars Forum] - EU Defunct?

Connor L. wrote: I love that we're at a point where Star Wars is not sacred.

I think that's a good way to put it. Theres a sort of sanctity to the word "canon" that I think can kinda hinder the enjoyment of either the direction the movies are going or the EU. It's interesting what has happened to the structure of the star wars story because it's not something that has really happened to anything outside of comic books, probably. It's kinda funny, like its hard for me to imagine this happening to stories like "Crime and Punishment" or "Catcher in the Rye" which is probably due to the different nature of the stories compared to star wars. Star Wars offers a world to explore, like a lot of fantasy stories do, so to echo what has been already said, explore either or both or neither in whatever way you want.

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