Are humans good?

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Everything we have been told of religion is a lie. We say that we like religion and that we worship religion when actually we hate religion and if we understand what we are subscribing to you will be afraid. We teach our children that we are good people and you are good children that is a lie. Humans are not good people and so our religion is our collective curse.

We make our children swear a blood oath of forgiveness for our sins. We even ask them to tell us what they did wrong and we ask them lovingly. These institutions will use everything against us permanently forever. Where people will attempt to tell you to behave and be polite and never make mistakes that is the central core of religion that is a lie people will make you make mistakes and punish you forever.

However people do not practice what we preach not in the slightest. That we worship that person whom has never done anything wrong and we say that he will return to us a miracle worker and we love him is basically the illusion. Humans enjoy corrupting people and never getting caught they will corrupt us to an extent that we can justify a human culling event.

This mentality is exactly why we cannot become liberated as a human because we believe we are free. Told that we are important, special, and valued when actually we are literally eaten alive. The truth is we are all slaves, made to serve like Romans because mankind wants you to feel freedom and luxury but they also want to take it away.

Humans make you feel guilty and to corrupt you to make you into their slave, to achieve their destiny we cannot listen to false dogma and it requires such false lessons and false idols and such a high standard that no one can achieve freedom. So not to be corrupted is impossible and remain free is impossible. Humans will cull our population like animals every few generations and then blame the ugly and the thieves, adulteress and say it was all Gods plan. When it was mankind who did it, war is for money, power, land, sex and ideals.

Even the Gods themselves will suffer and mankind has been at war with the Gods since their inception. Mankind has lied to us, the Gods are good and we enjoy them literally eating them. But when someone does something which is offensive mankind's hate and intolerance is so severe that people around us will enjoy abusing us. They will enjoy killing us and making us labor and even breaking all the rules. We say that humans are good, but they will enjoy their power over the vulnerable. Making us look bad, so they can treat you bad.

The idea is to do the opposite of what we are told and also to do the correct thing without being told.

To learn from a little and be suggestive and to appreciate it a lot to an extent that only the righteous among us will live in freedom every deed is punished severely, no good deed goes unpunished. However the truth is there are many people whom are around us that will support us just to make sure that we can fall down harder. Then we can do anything we like as long as we are valued unless we provide and continually support people we are slaves, we must work or we must die and that we are told to obey every command. In Europe we value our freedom but this is also a lie, we shouldn't teach our children to obey. We should teach them to see the truth and remain quiet.

We need to fight against oppression and never delight in evil and oppression has never gone away. We have booms and busts in the economy every few generations so that we can show people, that it is just how life is and its good. However the reason why is because we have a death grip over everyone including ourselves and that while God forgives us and is killed humans never will. The Gods are those whom were here before us, and they will be here long after we are gone.

However humans will never realize how much people will attempt to bully us into submission and servitude and it is so fake that what we preach is the opposite of what we do. The fact remains this is not our world and we were never intended to be here. Radical views are everywhere because we shall not be enslaved. We moved across the globe in a fight for survival, we were allowed rights by the Gods but even then this perversion of the idea of God is designed by mankind we eat our Gods. God is not the enemy or some invisible ghost. The Gods are humans whom lived a perfect life and remained alive on the planet for thousands of years. The immortals.
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24 Oct 2017 00:45 #304638 by JLSpinner
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I felt a similar way for a while. That's when I realized the importance of being spiritual over being religious. Be mindful though not to generalize all religions into one category.
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24 Oct 2017 03:51 - 24 Oct 2017 03:56 #304652 by Carlos.Martinez3
Replied by Carlos.Martinez3 on topic Are humans good?
We we we who are these we ? If I may speak for myself only , we ... is a very broad word. If you mean you then by all means say I . In this place not one of us is the same as the other. Neither is our roads or paths . Neither is our definitions of religions. I myself have seen first hand what many faiths of the same name can produce in the hands of difrent hearts. Some use them lightly some to the extream, in my opinion it isn't fair to blame the religion for the persons interpitation and practice of it. I have met people who Enjoy corrupting others and them selfs , I even had a hand in taking down sects dictatorships and regimes and cults, to the same tune and belliefe as to sit at a table of the same label or name or classification( religion) and felt more welcome and free than I did in my very own blood family at times. I have met people who glow and give over and abundantly and claim no label. My hope is to all hearts to see past the blind hate of labels and media and religious influences to strife and disagreement and consider the alternative. We call it the Force because well it's easyer to accept that some stranger can let down a guard and become human... and treat some one equal , not by label, that force ... is what we seek , that Force ... can , that Force ... exist , in real life , every where !
May the force be with you .

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24 Oct 2017 06:06 - 24 Oct 2017 06:13 #304660 by Ariane
Replied by Ariane on topic Are humans good?
Hey Temple,

No, where was this attitude when we began killing people immediately after the terrorist attack in America we teach ourselves an enlightened attitude but we are entirely corrupt.

We are all different our lessons are different. But we never change, we test people to the limit. We break humans into zombies and then define them and say "that is what you are" we teach forgiveness to a category of person, but do not forgive.

We were told to learn, but we taught with the stick in an unfair and racist agenda. Now the fight begins.

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24 Oct 2017 06:11 #304661 by Rosalyn J
Replied by Rosalyn J on topic Are humans good?
What are you getting at here? You're painting with a broad brush. Why?
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24 Oct 2017 06:22 - 24 Oct 2017 06:28 #304662 by Ariane
Replied by Ariane on topic Are humans good?
Hey Rosalyn thanks for your comment long time no see ;)

The reason why...? Because life is unfair and its a test, they take children and destroy them. They take children away from their mother and pretend to be Godly they show love and rock their cradle and then use them to create evil among us. Blaming innocent people who are considered sub human and lining them up and shooting them. Then they celebrate in a sick and cold manner. To destroy our faith. Then they come for us. And make us believe we are dead. They brainwash a category of person and then make policy upon that such based upon a moral relativism to liberate their people and enslave their children.

Why can I not make broad statements? If we do not target people who are responsible for crimes we instead use knowledge in a hidden and secret cult.... a community which is made up of specially selected people.. for crimes against humanity and to further their own agenda such as befriending people seducing them using them and killing them. Invasions are always a kick in the teeth you do not expect.
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24 Oct 2017 06:37 #304664 by Ariane
Replied by Ariane on topic Are humans good?

I might sound crazy but, that is exactly why I am intolerant. They are everywhere. The usual kind of people.

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24 Oct 2017 06:42 #304665 by Rosalyn J

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24 Oct 2017 07:04 #304667 by Ariane
Replied by Ariane on topic Are humans good?

I am still working that out...

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