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Astrology was created by
This came to my mind in response to this thread:

I am making a new topic specifically about this so that I don't inadvertently start making a topic go off at a tangent...

I have a few questions regarding the claims of Astrology (NOT to be confused with Astronomy :P):

If there is some special power associated with the movement of planets is that specific to only Earth?

Is the 'veil' thinnest across the entire universe because of the movement of a few planets?

Can a person's circumstances, when they live in Andromeda, be predicated based on Jupiter's motion?

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Good questions...that is if you're not poking fun.

I'm not really into astrology, but I would say that the planets movements would affect other areas of the universe though maybe not in the same way. Kind of like when you pick up a pebble and chuck it across the street. It's more of a change in your world then it is in mine, but it still changes both out worlds no matter how large or small.

No idea about the other two. Hope someone can shed some light. :)

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11 years 6 months ago #79455 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Re: Astrology
If looking to some spark of supernatural inside matter, say call it the Force, then bodies of matter might also be bodies of the Force. I tend to use astronomy as an exercise in an imagined sensitivity to connecting to matter; where circulating large bodies in comparatively empty space might serve as great targets for such a practise.... and astrology as the study of any impact the practise might have. So not specifically related to any particular planet or contemporary astrology much at all.

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