On the Matter of Robes and other such things...

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14 Apr 2020 17:28 #351094 by
I carry around a Citrine that I got when I visited my mom last year. It's supposed to bring general happiness, so I just lightly grab it and recite parts of the code that pertain to whats troubling me, typically when my emotions get a little out of wack.

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17 Apr 2020 13:39 #351205 by Brick
I have two set of bead malas, which were constructed and colour coded around the TotJO's teachings/maxims. One I made with Edan during the UK Gathering 2017 . The other set was made for me, and gifted to me, by Marta Lina when we met up in London back in 2018.

I keep the 'Edan Mala' in my jacket pocket so its almost always with me, and the 'Marta Mala' in my house (its too bulky to carry around).

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17 Apr 2020 15:32 - 18 Apr 2020 21:03 #351208 by Alexandre Orion
I have mala beads too, but I don't remember if it was Brick or Edan who strung them for me. Either way, there would be the same love in their making. They are used occasionally, when I really need to hold something seemingly solid. Otherwise, you see them there posed on a vessel containing the water of the Channel. There are other pots there (out of view) containing some soil of Essex and some of Illinois. I've remarked on these "solid" symbols, for that is what they indeed are - symbols. They are otherwise just "stuff", but this stuff has "meaning." In the case of meaning-bearing stuff, it is always the meaning that the stuff reinforces in our heart-minds which supersede the stuffness. Things which bear meaning for us can be powerful foci for anchoring us, but they can also promote our clinging to mental modes. That is not an admonition, hearts and minds are sticky. We need only retain the awareness of it.


I tried to post a photo, but it wouldn't load. It wasn't too big, but it just wouldn't upload. Anyway... it's as I said.

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23 Aug 2020 06:17 #354010 by Diana W
I have an onyx orb I use when at home.
When out and about I carry a Buddhist mala (rosary) made of basalt beads.
I like these two things because they are made from the earth, and the color black is like Void - you can put into it the negative thoughts and feelings, and it blanks them out. I can focus better.

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23 Aug 2020 10:37 #354011 by Kobos
I have a set of robes I enjoy wearing to cons, may 4th and on Halloween (basically when I can get away with it at work). I have also worn it once to a protest, albeit with a drop leg holster and my old body armor from work under. I tried to play peace keeper at protests (have gotten my ass kicked by both sides for that, though it's been a long time now but I wore it in Feurgoson MO during those riots saved me a lot of bruises). My belt is not standard as it's my old service belt from when I worked security so I have a bunch of ammo pouches to carry stuff (great for the wallet and phone). I don't place much meaning in that.

I do place a lot of meaning in my wedding ring, which has a layer of deer antler and one of khoa wood. The antler to remind me of the past we are built upon and the wood as a representation of the living relationship. I also received my first teachers, first light saber when he officiated our service. It's a gift that I see as a huge sign of respect. Something I use to focus on while practice on.

I also have a mala made from bhodi (I think thats the tree type) wood. I tend to meditate with that once in a blue moon as I focus on how living things can be fashioned and shaped as can we all.

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23 Aug 2020 14:55 #354012 by TheDude
I use a 108-bead mala made of yak bone I wear as a bracelet. It is a good reminder of impermanence.
I used to wear a rose quartz which belonged to my mother as a pendant, but the metal portion I strung the necklace through has worn down and falls apart, so I've got to replace or fix it before I start wearing it again.
And I have robes. A bathrobe, that is. I wear it when I'm relaxing at home. Very comfortable, but I wouldn't walk around town in it.
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