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I found this very interesting and I am going to try to use its wisdom in posting on here as well as in real life.
Many blessings.

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08 Nov 2019 13:21 - 08 Nov 2019 13:23 #345318 by Carlos.Martinez3
Replied by Carlos.Martinez3 on topic Words
This is just me - but as a fan I “like-en” words to sabers. I’ve heard other faiths and religions claim the words of their Lord are as swords - cutting and separating - sparkler than any two edged .... sword.
I live my life with this idea. My words are my light saber - intent would be very obvious if we had color and sound hu? Thank you for a great reminder and a great RETURN to turn to.!!

Words mean things -

Words should be practiced as often and mastered as sword play , if anything , the cautions should always be honored in both speech and art for safety of all those around.
Force continue to be with you as you seek it friend.

Pastor of Temple of the Jedi Order
Build, not tear down.
Nosce te ipsum / Cerca trova
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24 Nov 2019 08:59 #346050 by
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The terrifying thing about words is they can always be taken the wrong way, due to tone of voice or other actions. I have had many experiences in the past where certain words were not taken lightly, when no offense was meant to be taken by them. There are also times when stating specific words can either build bridges between others or burn them to the ground with no hesitation; that's the power words can have. We always have to be careful on the words we choose, as well as when to use them.

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