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"Ours is an elegant weapon. A potent one. But the most powerful aspect of our weapon is that, like our anger, it may be turned off in favour of more diplomatic means." -- Knight Pola Pop/Trey Jones

"Don't be a "hero" just be a good person, let others sort out who the heroes are." -- Eric Vasquez

"The Path doesn't fit to you. It is individualized, but you still have to follow the Path wherever it flows. You have to fit the Path." -- Knight Arisaig Winterthorn/Everett Ratcliffe

"We respect our connected world means we acknowledge none of us exist alone. That all our actions have consequences, for both good and ill, and that we ourselves are reflections and reactions to the world. We have a responsibility to the world we are a part of, and we can never escape that connection. Thus we embrace, and respect, that connection. " -- Sotunus
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