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08 May 2012 12:53 - 08 May 2012 13:13 #59568 by Lividius
LaVeyan Jedi was created by Lividius
I've recently hit a dark patch in my life when it came to my faith. I broke away from the church almost three years ago and was an atheist for a majority of the time that had passed. I recently started looking at Satanic-based websites out of pure curiosity, and I realized that the LaVeyan Satanic principle seemed to fit my mindset. I've spent the past in intense study of the LaVeyan princples and theories and have realized that this is the "faith" that i wanted to be a part of! However, i still hold to my Grey Jedi morals and values, but I also hold them to a LaVeyan Principle for balance and have now declared myself a LaVeyan Jedi.

First off, LaVeyan Satanism is in no way "Devil Worship" Rather, it is the realization and celebration of the carnal side of man's nature that nearly every other organized faith teaches to repress. The understanding that what is known as the "deadly sins" are just basic human reflexive emotions and that repression of these so-called sins will only lead to one's own self destruction. The ability to go about one's life in the way that brings them the most satisfaction and happiness instead of living by the limitations set by the moral guidelines of all other major world religions. The understanding that death is the final end, that their is no life beyond this, and to revel and splurge in one's true fancies as they so desire while they are still able.

That the teaching of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. are founded upon the basis of hypocrisy and use the basic element of fear to subtly control the minds of its congregation to not only keep them in line as their "god" so intends, but to be able to pay off the mortgages of the tabernacles by the coercion of "a life beyond this one". A LaVeyan Satanist is nothing if not outraged by this display of abuse of power that the Church has over the masses and wants nothing to do with it. if one is closed-mindedly ignorant enough to not hear the ultimate truth, then we move on to those who are willing to listen and think it over for those who choose to not listen to the truth never will and we shouldn't waste our time dealing with stubborn ingrates such as them.

It is also an advocate of the disdain of harm towards women, children and animals and is appalled by anyone who would inflict pain upon them. A LaVeyan Satanist holds himself on high as his own god because Every religion is a product of man'[s own need to pacify his own overly-developed ego and therefore every praise of a religion's god is truly going towards the human individual whose mind was able to construct the belief system and not towards the actual god itself. We see the world as how it is rather than as it should be and take no care into trying to change that which is constant. We are a group of "Atheistic Extremists" who instead of devoting our lives to a being that may or may not even exist, we spend our numbered days as we see fit in order to make the most out of all the time we have left.

There is a common saying within the LaVeyan community that says: "What is worse than not knowing: To live or to disappear?" meaning it is better to understand that time is limited and to make the best of the time you have instead of living your life in anticipation of something that may not even come to pass. We choose to form our beliefs and opinions by use of logic and reasoning instead blindly obeying what we are taught. Satan is not a living entity, but is more of a symbolic representation of man's true nature and of the coming new age. He is also a benevolent, (or malevolent if applicable) force, if you will, that gives the LaVeyan the ability to see beyond the shroud of doubt and into the ultimate nirvana of enlightened truth. As such, I also hold true my values as a Jedi and have incorporated my belief systems together to form the LaVeyan Jedi Principle, as many of the teachings of both seem to coincide together.

I call upon my LaVeyan brothers and sisters in this forum to join me and to rejoice in the life we have now because we soon will have it not. If anyone else is familiar with the LaVeyan teachings and understandings, I'd love to have a conversation with you about it. I've still yet to start my Training on here and am close to the end of the school year which means that I'll be a little more participative on the site while i'm not working over the summer. I should be able to have all my training complete by this upcoming September, save for time allowance. If you've taken the time to read this whole thing, I appreciate your enthusiasm and hope to meet and speak to like-minded individuals on the site. Thanks you!

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08 May 2012 13:09 #59574 by Reliah
Replied by Reliah on topic LaVeyan Jedi
I type as I read.. and as I read I see many conflicting ideas between what you are describing and Jediism. The first, "There is no Death. There is the Force."
I'm not preaching, by the way, only seeking to understand as is the case when I post anything anywhere. :)

There are "rules" everywhere you go and in anything you do. There are rules of this website, for example, oaths, vows, etc. If you break them, there are consequences. Nature works the same way - some call it Karma, others something else, but if those natural laws are broken, nature gives a consequence. That's just how it works and when it comes to those natural laws, there isn't much even a God can do to stop it (I might say.. WOULD do..? I'm not sure on that.)

I understand the thought behind living out of fear, but I honestly think that most people don't do it out of fear. Most people do it out of pure love. I know that I repress my "natural man" to gain control of "myself" because, in my belief, I am an eternal soul, not a temporary body. It gives me joy to over-come those things and to mold myself into a better version of who I currently am. I feel as though I'm accomplishing something bigger.

Again, I'm not preaching. I'm not saying my way is the right way. I understand what you're talking about with all of this and can see why it would be an alluring path for some. I'm simply stating why it isn't for me - nothing more :)

Regardless of all of this, it feels good to finally find something that resonates with you and I congratulate you on doing so. I'm glad you came back here, too. I hope you stick around for a while!

May the Force be with you, Lividius.

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08 May 2012 13:22 - 08 May 2012 13:27 #59579 by Lividius
Replied by Lividius on topic LaVeyan Jedi
It is not easy to understand for those with a set path of faith in their life because it contradicts almost ever major religion's code. I do however appreciate the insight, and to be honest, this is only how it works in a nutshell; If I tried to explain it in as full of detail as I physically could, I'd be typing for days on end and still wouldn't even then get to the core of its teachings.

It is not for most, and I do understand and respect your views. We do not criticize those who do not follow our customs, as we only try to educate those who are willing to take it upon them selves to listen to and figure it out for themselves. Those who choose to not even hear us out aren't worth our time and we take no initiative to try to teach them, as their skeptic mindset will not allow them to process this new information for themselves and they will automatically deny it as a falsehood.

I know it may seem contradictory to Jediism, but when having both viewpoints in mind, there are more similarities than differences within both doctrines, and they can really only be seen by those who can completely take both viewpoints together into account because, as I said, LaVeyan Satanism is not for everyone as only a few choose to listen.

We are willing to listen to and take in what other people have to say about their beliefs as long as they take no trial into trying to avert us from our own, because at that point we will begin to ignore and to walk away. Again, I appreciate the insight and thank you for reading/commenting ^^

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08 May 2012 13:30 #59584 by YthanH
Replied by YthanH on topic LaVeyan Jedi
i was reading the satanic bible before as i would like to develop knowledge of most religions and i agree with the teaching of the seven sins being primal human instincts and that most religions against this but i found the satanic bible to be to much on the primal side if you get me. the teachings that those born who are weaker are not as worthy as those born who are stronger i don't agree with and many things like that but i hope you manage to find a really good way of combining both jedi beliefs and satanic and i look forward to hearing how this goes


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08 May 2012 13:51 #59591 by Alethea Thompson
Replied by Alethea Thompson on topic LaVeyan Jedi
The only other satanist I know is a Sith Realist. Great guy, one day I hope to meet him in person. I'm not aure you can combine Satanism with Jediism, but it would be interesting to see what you come up with. :)

Gather at the River,
Setanaoko Oceana

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08 May 2012 14:47 #59599 by ren
Replied by ren on topic LaVeyan Jedi
Not only can it be, but the (laveyan, dont know if there's another) satanic bible has been a recommended read on many jedi sites before, and is currently on the totjo library.

Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.

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08 May 2012 16:03 #59613 by Knarf
Replied by Knarf on topic LaVeyan Jedi
Sounds quite interesting. I must say I agree on a lot of the points.

I agree on the 'sins' being human reflexes/nature, that death is the end (no soul or afterlife) and would take no effort in trying to confince someone who doesn't want to listen.

I wouldn't go as far as to call them stubborn ingrates tho. Nor am I outraged by the so called power display of the church.

As you said, time is limited so dont waste it on outrage, hatred or ranting on people you find stubborn ingrates.

I believe in using my precious, limited time here to love, laugh and enjoy live to the fullest with everyone who's near to me.

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08 May 2012 18:07 #59635 by Zenchi
Replied by Zenchi on topic LaVeyan Jedi
Much like Alethea, I too have friends who follow the Satanic philosophies of the Black Pope, and believe in the Force, there called Sith. I used to be one of them, although still a Sith, I have sense moved to Luciferianism as this provides me a much better sense of balance.

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08 May 2012 18:43 - 08 May 2012 18:55 #59643 by Xon-Tay Lor
Replied by Xon-Tay Lor on topic LaVeyan Jedi
LaVeyan Jedi? Why not just call yourself Sith, or Atheist?

As a former Sith, my experience with the left hand paths was that they just didn't work very well. People who believe in ego worship and strife as a spiritual path spend too much time attacking each other and annoying people and don't seem capable of creating any kind of transcendent movement or atmosphere. The whole point of religion, it seems to me, is to become part of something that transcends yourself, not to worship yourself. In the Yogic model of consciousness, LaVeyans are stuck in the lower chakras and deny that higher chakras even exist. Why do you even need a spiritual path if you're a LaVeyan? Does a dog need a spiritual path? Why not eat and rut and fight, and forget all this religion nonsense?
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25 Oct 2012 10:13 #78239 by Williamkaede
Replied by Williamkaede on topic LaVeyan Jedi
Xon, Jedi to me, is about improvement of the self for the service of others. And yes, while LaVeyan Satanism does have a firm grounding in "might is right" as well as "survival of the fittest", mayhaps Lividius doesn't follow LaVeyan Satanism to the letter. He's a Grey, trying to bring together the Light and Dark in order to define his Way.

I'm a Dark Aspect Apprentice and a Sith Initiate, and I'm not religious. Force Realism to me is a philosophical program, and LaVeyan Satanism is too. It only has religious elements to sate the human desire for psychodrama.

As a former Sith, you seem to condescend to the entire idea of the left hand path. Alternatively, Lividius has just turned 18. Maybe he was merely enthralled by LaVey's words. I would've been too, had I read them at his age.

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