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04 Sep 2016 14:26 #255796 by Karn
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Hypothetically, what if it all started with the Garden of Eden?

We get kicked out. God says later on, if you follow these 10 simple rules(Commandments) you can come back.

Life after life, we fail to follow the simple 10 rules, to the frustration and confusion of God.

SO to understand why we keep failing. God decides to walk among us as Jesus to see what is so difficult. Through living a life as a man(Jesus), God realizes that it is not so easy to follow the simple 10 rules, and decides that if we believe that Jesus died for all of us, that we can come back to the Garden.

He sent his only begotten son to save us. Maybe that was not his initial intent, but it became the result of living a life as a normal human being. The burden of life may have been beyond the Omniscient.

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27 Sep 2016 20:30 #258702 by Kaval het
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x57z12 wrote: I was raised catholic. Our church had a rather pessimistic priest, droning on and on about how we are all sinners, how damnation awaits and the only way out is ‘to eat humble pie’ (quotation marks because it is an idiom I’ve never heard before suggested to me by dict.cc).
I resented the idea. I did nothing wrong to deserve anything like this and the whole thing just felt unfair to me. That was me at age 10. Nowadays I still strongly resent the idea of guilt forwarded from previous generations, also I understand the priest was a rather specific kind and quite poorly conveying the idea of salvation through Christ.

Even still I feel the catholic church is not for me first and foremost since I oppose the strict set of rules. I don’t believe a god to be so limited they would bother telling me to visit a stack of bricks in their honor on a specific day – what do they care when I honor them as long as I do?
Also I agree with snowy. Doing something good to avoid punishment or to earn some kind of afterlife bonus feels like hypocrisy to me because both motivations are entirely selfish. That’s what I like specifically about the force: It doesn’t care how I act, that doesn’t even affect my afterlife in any way. Being good is as much as a choice as being a d***. I chose to be nice because I like people around me to be happy and it makes me happy too.

I sincerely agree with this statement. Never was one for religion or "bricks" so to speak, but I give you a paradox that the force goes completely around. If god is all powerful, can he create something he cannot lift? And if he can, isn't he not all powerful?

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