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18 Aug 2021 03:52 #362102 by MxAlexander
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So when someone is knighted, and becomes a knight, does that mean they are ordained as a Jedi, or like would it be similar to being a pastor but for Jediism. Like would one be able to officiate marriages.

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18 Aug 2021 09:57 #362108 by Arisaig
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No. Knight is separate from Clergy.

To get ordained, one must first complete the Initiates Programme (IP) then, once they've become an Initiate, they can begin Seminary training.

Knighthood is a mark of an approved teacher within an Order. Not a priest. Tho nearly all Priests are Knights, not all Knights are Priests.

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20 Aug 2021 14:26 #362160 by Carlos.Martinez3
Replied by Carlos.Martinez3 on topic Quick question ❓
Thank you for the question. Every Order and site and organization does things differently. Here, ordination is reserved for the clergy. To be a Jedi today pretty much is a decision left to the individual here. We can not, nor will we ever say; anyone is or is not something. That is not our place; nor is it our focus to tell people what they are and are not. Here, we share common ideas and beliefs. Our methods of practice can differ; but the "why" is usually the same in what we practice. We believe in the Force and the inherent worth of all life within it. The way we, as humans, can display this can be as beautiful as we like or as plain as we can handle.

I would encourage you to read our FAQ and find out what we do here. Any questions can be directed to our many willing and able Knights in our Order that can answer specifcs as well.
Knights here go through a mentorship that can last from months to years depending on the teacher, student, and time spent together here. Knights here represent our Order and recieve the mantle of Knighthood in hope that they will not be the only ones. If its Knighthood you seek here, find a Knight. Seek, and you will find friend. I find my apprentices in the IP journals, truthfully. Where else can ya chat one on one and get to the good stuff?

Members of the Clergy are Licensed Ministers. These individuals have gone through our seminary program here.
Our Clergy are not mental healthcare professionals, they are guides, and if a member is feeling particularly emotionally distressed they should seek the appropriate clinical help.
The Clergy deal specifically with the spiritual well-being of the Temple, entrusted with helping people along their Jedi journeys
With all this comes the ability to be a Licensed Minister and perform the traditional roles of a Priest or Pastor or Layman, ordination serves the Order, their community, and is legally covered under the 501(c)3 we have as a church and non-profit organization. There is much to do here, there is much that is going on, and there is much yet to be done. Feel free to jump right in and join in friend.
I hope this answers all of your questions.
May the Force Be With You
Pastor Carlos

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