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08 Aug 2018 09:42 #324919 by
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Hello everyone,
I would like to ask, how can I finish the initate program?
When I finish study all the lesson, who check my knowledge, and when will be my rank bar change?

I am not sure, but I think that I have to write every lesson to the journal, havenĀ“t I?

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08 Aug 2018 10:13 #324920 by Zenchi
Replied by Zenchi on topic Initiate programe
Greetings Erinis, the best place to look for answers is the FAQ, try starting here that should answer most if not all of your questions. I recommend starting a journal with an introduction, and then begin the IP from there. Over time Knights and the IP team will be reviewing your journal as you progress, and your "rank" will change accordingly as time passes...

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08 Aug 2018 13:03 #324925 by Carlos.Martinez3
Replied by Carlos.Martinez3 on topic Initiate programe
Journal Entries can be anything you like to include but never limited to your ip entries. As you compile your Journal and your IP there will be knights who will read thru it as well as many others. During the course of doing the ip you can stop by the study hall and we even have a member of the ip team help if you need to. Any knight willing and avalible can help you at any time. I am always available for ip questions and study buddy type of round table discussion. So, feel free to me directly if you like. After completion, you will get a hold of adhara or madhatter and they will take it from there. Two knights will officially grade the journal and after that - being complete and accepted - your bar will change and if you choose to further your training in our Order - you can continue your trin Meh with a Knight here. Any other questions feel fre to hit me up if you like and happy seeking and have a wonderful time in the ip. Most of your questions can be answers in the faq or
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