What is it good for????

19 Aug 2021 12:39 #362144 by Carlos.Martinez3
I posted in discord a open invitation for those who have served and those currently serving.
@Military as Pastor and as a Vet who served in duel services, please do not hesitate to reach out to me for chat, discussion, rants or just time. My contact information is posted but for those who are in need ... pls PM or DM me for contact info. My inbox is always open and willing for Vets and those serving currently. Got a special place in my heart . Force we share continue to be with y'all

Again, I am available especially for my O'Hana and Jedi family. If you need resources or some one, reach out. That is all. Force we share keep y'all.
Pastor Carlos
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Pastor of Temple of the Jedi Order
Build, not tear down.
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