A good return

2 years 4 months ago #361868 by Carlos.Martinez3
What a beautiful place. By the looks of the place, it was made for returns. Camp sites a camp site right.? Not with Jedi. It seems that there is a plot were people we are intended to meet. There was much to do as far as introductions. I am fairly new to all this whole idea of the meet and greets. I took my family with me. As a family, we did talk how the trip may go. Ministry would be the focus of this trip. We as a family were to be the guests of the FA on this trip. Turned out to be quite oposite ideas that came to pass.
Every body got somthing out of the trip personally, especially me. In a nut shell, there were moments to chat and moments to cry. There was a good balance as far as me. Things I needed to hear and people I needed to meet were the main reasons I will return.
I met people in actual walks of life. What got me was that it was more the time together than the classes or the activities that helped. My family met these people who daddy talks about all the time. These ideas are very real and very freeing. I met others just like me with the same struggles I have every day. The ability to say.." same same" was hourly almost.

After set up my family began their time to support me. We began to meet people. Intros help. It did not take long to find my "people." If the statment, your vibe determines your tribe, then we were letting off the Jefi braids hard. Every one was so understanding it was a bit annoying. One fella even said, thank you for being so loving, its kinna annoying but I am grateful. I met people on every level of path. Beginners, experts and those staring somthing new were present and willing. It's a neat thing to be a part of such things. We sang, we ate, we hugged and cried. I can't sum up much more than that. The classes were done by the FA teachers and Council members. Great hearted people. One night, we had a ceremony and as fate would have it... the fire was outside our family tent. Fully dressed, there were Jedi present for bed time stories. It not only made my boys night but YEAR and I may have got the best dad award ever from that one night. They ALL in unison told my kids goodnight. That was a small big thing for me and my family. To see the Milky Way in its grandest of atire. To be witness to real people with real problems find real solutions makes that ol brown hot robe worth having.
It was such a privlashe to serve others, especially other Orders. Thirteen different Orders were represented very well there. The ability to be a bit more involved in the community can go a long way. There was a neat real life moment when two people did literally say... I thought we were the only ones.
Turns out, we're never really alone, ever as Jedi.
In English, we cooked and cleaned- hung out in the river and in the brush. We shared our wins and the stuff we didnt and we are better for it too. I can not help but commend and encorage these types of trips for everyone. Many left with most full hearts and a open mind. As did me and my family. I am glad I got to meet people in their paths. I wouldn't have it any other way.
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