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The first of every month- the first Monday I would love to invite those who are willing to wake up and start the month with meditation with me.
Every FIRST MONDAY i will wake in my time zone and meditate with the open invite for those to join me on that day. Cal it a Meditate with the Pastor call it what ever you want but I want to offer the ability to find me in meditation and to join me. I dont pray. I would love for those who do to pray with me. I dont practice every religion at the same time. I have my own personal balance but I can meditate while you do YOUR thing. In this day in age there are things going on that no one has control over. For everything else, I invite you to join me every FIRST MONDAY to meditation sessions. They wont be all together so when every YOU wake up in your schedule - join me there every month and post what ya find. We can do subjects together and even request's.

Tell me what yall think?\
Pastor Carlos

Post your ideas here or questions

Next session is at Feb 1 st see yall there hopfuly
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EVERY ONE is welcome to join me the first Monday of every month to WAKE AND MAKE" with me
When you wake , join me in meditations on this first of the month.
The subject will be:

... by our touch , what really connects us....

When you wake on the first Monday of the month , join me in group meditation and real world ideas. . If you like, even post your findings in your own journal or reflections heck or even here.

Every one is invited every FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH for group meditation.

Hope to see yall there in the Force and here in your reflections.

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Touch is a very important thing for me in my own path. PastorCarlos here again. Touch is how I actually live when I think about it. All these books and all these lessons... How are they applied? Most time for me its touch. There is a old saying farmers taught me and its " It matters at the hand shake." Theres a million and one sayings that mean many things but this ione in paticular stuck today. My own Modern Day Jedi ism starts at the hand...

What really connects us some times?
My religion feeds and cloths and gives. My choice. To do this ya kinna need to be in the street some times or even in the ditches. Not all the time really but most time it helps. Im not saying live in a gutter, nope but if thats where ya stay then at least clean it up. I meet people ALL THE TIME by manners really. Its manners usually that connects me with some one first or my speach or the touch...

This gosh dern LOCK DOWN has seperated us

There is a move quote by a Star Wars character , two worth today actually
Its they seperate us ... That they win

and Two
"That's how we're gonna win. Not fighting what we hate. Saving what we love." The Last Jedi.

By our touch most time we can apply both.
Somthing to think about friends.

Next month we will do it again togeather. Idf you got a good idea to mediate to please let me know here or in a PM or direclty or on Discor. I look foward to reading yalla stuff!

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