Posting Sermons- a chit chat

28 Dec 2020 12:19 #357204 by Carlos.Martinez3
This is for those who want or are lookin to post sermons.

Sermons are posted on Fridays. I know there are few people posting currently but just so we are all on the same page. Fridays sermon can be for Sundays traffic.
Sunday is the last last day to post a message for me some days. Some messages take a bit longer some may not. We do even have a feature on the Temple that will post your sermon automatically on a certain date. Keep that in mind when posting sermons. If you lie as well, post a sermon and make sure to reach out to those who thank your message and even touch base if you like. I like to be available Sunday on Discord for chat and on on one. Not everyone's thing i know but the option is their on Sunday to be live or to be present and available. There are still many options available so if any one has any questions just hit me up directly here or on discord. Force continue to be with us as we seek, serve and share the force.
Any member or Clergy can post a message, just send it to any one of us and we will gladly post it.

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