I wonder (Abrahamic version)

03 Jul 2019 18:05 #340236 by Carlos.Martinez3
Share with me ?
The Jeddist and the Christian.

As Christian Jediiist - do you find difficulties in the practice of both and - or a balance of both faiths?
What are some ? Are they from here .. home ... mental ... spiritual ... actual ?
The reason I ask is because, I really wanna know. I don’t ask to pick or poke but as Christian Jeddist - what’s up with ya?

This is intended as Pastor to the Temple... me to all y’all. How does this work ? Does it ? How can I support you. I will be doing this for every SIG and leader as well. So I hope to hear from a few Christian Jeddist and we grow all together. Even if your now feel
Free to post. You may see a few of these ... 3 I think ! Any how...what’s good with ya ?

Pastor of Temple of the Jedi Order
Build, not tear down.
Nosce te ipsum / Cerca trova

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05 Jul 2019 18:46 #340276 by
Replied by on topic I wonder (Abrahamic version)
Hi Carlos. I'd guess you may receive different replies to this based on each person's definition of what it is to be a Christian. Different people define the essence of Christianity in different ways, and the degree of conflict experienced between embracing both that faith and Jediism depends heavily on how the responder would describe what it means to be Christian.

To me, being a Christian means following the teachings directly provided by Jesus as we know them. That is different from following the teachings of other people who write or speak of his life (including Paul). Those teachings encourage compassion, extended even to those who we may find irritating or offensive. Boiled down to their most basic form, Jesus himself summed them up as (1) love God, and (2) love other people. I don't find those in contradiction to Jediism at all.

Another person who believes that the heart of Christianity is defined by a war for our souls between God and a powerful fallen angel, and that the only way to convince God you are not on the side of that angel is to publicly confess your acceptance of Jesus as the only means of your rescue, would I suspect have more difficulty. Jediism would to him or her probably seem irrelevant, or perhaps even a dangerous distraction from the one true faith.

My resolution to the variance between those two views of the Christian faith rests in Matthew 25:31-46. Paul trumpeted loudly the necessity of worshipping Jesus in order to be spared the fate of eternal punishment, but the metaphorical account offered by Matthew is what Jesus himself had to say about it. Paul's words would imo conflict with Jediism as a legitimate faith tradition, but those of Jesus would not.

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