Confronting the Shadow

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Carlos.Martinez3 wrote: Oh - I can totally agree with you there. People fall everywhere and ... they are raised up. I fall often - Do we give those shadows a place or do we swing our “swords” left and right and scream till there’s nothing left , often not counting the damage it can also do to those around us. Can we learn from it? Can we as humans use our “sword” as a helpful thing rather than just hack away at times. If the word of God are the scriptures and the spirit of his heart-can those be used to help shed light and darkness on others? Which do we choose to use them as? I’ve seen and heard countless sermons from the pulpit - Hack away at faith and enemy’s of the faith and I’ve seen with my own two eyes acts - just simple small acts shatter “dark” or “evil” things so far they never return. These type of actions seem to be that “balanced sword” or a different type of use ow the same words or the same actions. I love the Abrahamic example of forgiveness and I love even more when it’s applied. That application can be often - a stronger example than near speech.
Shadows are everywhere if there is light. Some you may not be able to do anything about - yet some - like our own - we may.
This is from me to you - it’s is from my path to your own. My hope is that every one find their own faith and grows in it. In the Abrahamic faith I’ve seen molehills and mountains. I sit with both gladly! What can we do with our shadows when we find them? As sure as there is light there are shadows.

If I'm understanding you correctly, I think both recognizing the shadow and the use of the sword depends on perceptiveness, timing, and situation.. Then wisdom guides our understanding..

Perception recognizes the nature's of both the shadow and the sword. More than just superficially. Perception sees to the root of things. We can't use or refuse something unless we really understand what that something is.. Wisdom determines when and how to act..

Timing understands the motion of the moment. Sees synchronicities, and finds patterns. These patterns can reveal what is otherwise obscured by the procession of our lives. As well as method and moment to use or correct them.. Wisdom recognizes patterns and brings them to the forefront of our minds..

All of it is dictated by whatever situation we find ourselves reflecting in.. I think that's why Eastern Masters seek mindless mindfulness. To reflect on life at all times in all situations effortlessly and without conscious intent..
Some situations call for us to use our sword directly or indirectly. While others reveal a glimpse of a person's shadow.. Wisdom allows our perception to fully encompass a situation..

What are shadows and swords, though?
The first is like a shadow of our egos. The part of us that is prone to sociopathic behavior. Like the devil on our left shoulder if the Inner Light/Self is the angel on our right. Not telling us to be evil per say, but telling us to self focus regardless of the damage our actions may cause..

With swords I borrow from Judeo Christian writings which describes the sword as the Word of Spirit. Word, in this sense, being Logos or Reason. The kind that reaches beyond our personal lives, and desires.. As if Reasoning in the Light/Force/God is higher than mortal reasoning. Educated or not.. because we can fall into the mortal reasoning real easily and in varying degrees.

Example, some want to force vaccines out of fear or self-righteousness. Some go further and like that you won't question their so-called right to experiment on your body. Others are just after profit.. in all cases, there is hardly a thought about the body being seized upon and the person owning it. Even though they are equally capable of making decisions like their captors.. Who now are calling for round ups. I guess they foundthis is seen in pastors who bash on other faiths. Pride in a faith that is supposed to breed long-suffering. Having little to no patience to understand those faiths he is troubled by.. Shadows.. because you can excuse anything with a good enough REASON..

So "Confronting the Shadow" is perfectly demonstrated by Christ in the Wilderness. Using his Sword (Spirit Reasoning) to combat the Adversary (his Shadow) that tempted his *spiritually aligned* Ego with manipulation, pride, and power.. I wonder how many of us could resist the temptation to use great power for our own advantage..

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03 May 2019 21:35 #337976 by Carlos.Martinez3
If that is the example you use by all means - use it! Pass it on! Study it. If it wasn't for certain types of examples often found in their own faith - my family would have never known what love or faithfulness looked like. We couldn’t find it on the streets . Their examples of application of what they received and learned helped them and eventually me. Some of them have the Abrahamic faith some of them don’t. Either way - either choice - I’m at the blessed end of the stick if you know what I mean rather than the stinky end of it! Smiley face.

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