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“Moses like God to Pharoah”

Moses is saying “im a low class person by the rules of our society and its unthinkable that i could make demads of Pharoh”. Imagine a homeless person or an illegal immigrant walking into the White House to tell the President that hes being a jerk... its a cool fantasy but it would end in handcuffs.

My “academic” reaction is that Egytp was polytheistic and the word that got translated to “god” in our text basically could be understood as “a powerful being who could command some aspect of reality”.
Not the same as “G-d”is who is “the real God” in our story and who was willing to give Moses the power to do whatever he needed to do.. effectively making him a “god” compared to Pharoah and by Pharos standards.
So G-d was saying “dont worry, youre way more buff than him and youre as buff as anything that he understands”

My other thought is... Remember how G-d “hardens Pharos heart”? So G-d is interfering with Pharohs perceptions in different ways throughout the story.
Here G-d is saying “dont worry about that, I have taken over his perceptions and you are like a god to him” — and again id refer to the polytheistic meaning of “god” - i dont believe the scripture was meant to say that Moses would appear to be G-d but rather “a god”

So bascally G-d was using the Jedi mind trick to mess with Pharoah :lol:
Which is why i posted. I dont know if i will reply often in this thread but considering the title and the question i thought i had to share that last idea, lol.

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Well the word used was translated from that book to 3 English words: God, god, and mighty. So I'll just spitball it's one of the last two.
Also conjecture over what actually happened is pointless because the pharaohs aren't named, and "unbiased" history didn't really exist. If we accept the plagues happened, the only way to know the what and why are you take the Torah/Biblical account prima facie.
Also, wasn't Job penned before the Torah? Not that it's easy to read (I mean half of the Exodus is cultural norms that are lost on me)

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