The Deception of Words

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Some people believe that saying that they believe in Christ is like some magical incantation that will grant them some free ticket to paradise. This is certainly not so. Anyone who has ever been in or seen an abusive relationship knows that words alone are meaningless. How often do the abusers say that they love their victim while they punch them in the face or verbally harm them? People like that have little to no love to share, not even understanding the concept in their hearts or minds. Many professors of great faith are of similar ilk with their empty words.

Don't hate. Don't condemn. But neither be ye deceived. Look beyond mere words. God looks at the heart. Look for the fruits of the Spirit. Namaste.

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5 years 8 months ago #310748 by Carlos.Martinez3
The ability for me personally as a Jedi to begin to remove labels is a grand thing. When it come to it we are all human. We here believe in the Force and in the inherent worth of all life within it. That's means you - that mean every one and thing. You are as valid as I am and your practices and faith are just as important as mine. Are they the same - nope but they don't have to be. They won't be. To have faith in a force - is a great thing. It gives us strength and the ability to find knees who share it with us. The strength to grow and the strength to build. Hope you can find what it is you seek here and happy seeking. It is in the seek that we find - in the prosesss ! Pm me any time mynin box is always open.

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