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I think the words are outdated and that we have lots of individuals that are born truth seekers.

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8 years 5 months ago #188819 by Edan

What do you guys think about Mysticism's place in our modern world? Is there merit?

I think there is merit in anything that brings someone more understanding.
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8 years 5 months ago #188827 by OB1Shinobi
the definition of mysticism has sort of evolved - or maybe itsjust become more open
essentially mysticism as the word is used today is the unification of the individual with the whole of reality or at least the sublime
ostensibly the sublime experience is in effect tje divine experience and so to be unified is an ecstacy from which we draw not only happiness but also wisdom and purpose

every now and again i like to look up the definition of the word "sublime"

the path of the mystic is imo simply one linguistic interpretation of the path of knowledge

lol or is it the other way around?

i think mysticism is great
its referenced with "occult" and often (in new age) its associated with "alchemy" which i dont know a fig about what the old alchemist "mystics" really did or belived but its presented now that the word of the day in the alchemist tradition is "transformation"

which i dont know of a system that ISNT about transformation, including our exciting (IM excited!) forray into what ive always heard described as "jewish mysticism" the kaballah

oh and again im not sure which video its in but kabbalah as its explained here DEFINITELY has a yin/yang concept of giving and recieving

i dont recall if he mentioned this but the word itself actually MEANS "to recieve" and he explains that is part of our nature

i dont want to say more because i think im talking about videos ahead of where we're at in the convo but imo its not possoble to develop a system that will.actually work for elevating consciousness without pretty much hitting on the same ideas that have always been used to develop consciousness

the awesomeness for me is when i find something which offers new (to me) way of explaining something which i relate to more meaningfully than what i had before

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Edan wrote:

Mareeka wrote: I also like how the instructor went through what Kabbalah was not:


Any others? I didn't write them down.

I have wanted to know what the Kabbalah was for a long time.
I am glad the books were opened in 1996.

Poor Satan, blamed for everything that people don't understand!

I've done a bit of study on the Kabbalah previously as I am also studying the Qliphoth.. will be interesting to see how much I've picked up so far.

We're lucky that they believe that it should be free in order that we may learn.. tuition of this kind is often paid for.

I reviewed our discussion on Lesson 1 . . .I wanted to add a note on "What Kabbalah is not."
The instructors did bring up the things that people say the Kabbalah is and which are incorrect descriptions

They did not criticize: Satanism, mysticism, philosophy, religion . . . absolutely zero opinions on any of them. :P

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8 years 4 months ago #189643 by Edan
Has everyone watched the second video now?

For some reason I couldn't get the video to run properly so I had to suffer with only audio and I did so while I was doing something else so I have only very brief notes.

Here is what I do have:

Process of development… be more than animal… be fully conscious
Creator created to bring pleasure to the created

We are a vessel.. a desire to receive pleasure. We are not just the body..
The only thing created was the desire to receive pleasure.

Creator is the will to bestow.. we have the desire to receive, but this brings us to want to bestow back

Humans suffer from control.. ‘growing ego’ as we develop

Still Level - the things we need to survive (natural responses, same as animals)
Vegetative Level - Riches.. gain something over others
Animate Level - level of control - development but only for itself
Human Level - knowledge

By the end of the human level, we move up towards the creator consciously
Purpose is to reveal what is already there but what we cannot perceive; we were there originally but we could not perceive it.
Our current era shows the increasing desire for spirituality
As we get to the ‘point in the heart', previous things that fulfilled desire are no longer enough. Nothing lasting.

He/she in Kabbalah is not about physical gender but about whether one bestows or receives; so a man who is receiving is she, regardless of his gender.
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8 years 4 months ago #189653 by
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The third one is out now also.

What I took away from the second;

Creator is not an entity even though referred to as he.
The Creator is Force or Essence and it is Giving; therefore, referred symbolically as he.

Kli is the vessel which receives. The creation which receives. It is neither male not female, nor form, but it is symbolically referred to as she.

None of the wisdom is about forms as we define them. It is all allegory.

The states (stiil, vegetative, animate and human) are symbols of phases that are gone through.
Still (basic instincts) Vegetative (acquiring, getting) Animate (control and territorial over others) Human (quest for knowledge) until ultimately the question comes What is the meaning of life?

So after a full descent, the question/the point in the heart is an ascent. A conscious decision to adhere with the Force/Creator.
Up the steps that were come down. The "steps" down are like the growing of the ego.

Our 5 senses tell us that we are different from 7 billion others.
Everything is generated on desire to receive pleasure.
Certain desire is embedded in form to stay in form.
What happens when new level of desire emerges but not from external circumstance

With the 20th century, the desire is growing, the pleasure is not lasting.

The next step is attainment.
The desire to give (Force/Creator) and the desire to receive (Kli) are not two separate entities or opposites
They are brought together as one.
(here i see the yin yang symbol)
Degrees of expansion of the force are neither (large or small, internal or external) all ego and exchanged for bestowal.

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