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Good day everyone,

As discussed in the November 2018 meeting of the clergy, it was suggested that a Job Board was created as a space to identify specific individual or team lead projects and/or objectives that are currently seeking assistance from able clergy people or eligible volunteers.

The purpose of this board is to identify and centralize needs within the Clergy community by creating a space that promotes an open channel of communication and coordination between its members.

If you are a Clergy-person and are interested in submitting a work project/job description to this board, please use the following format:

Job Title:
Time Frame:
Due Date:
Project Owner:
Job Intent:
# of People Needed:
Rank Restrictions?
Measurable Goals:
Summary of expectations, needs, purpose, required or hopeful execution:

For ease of access, you may use the following FORM to complete the application request to have your project submitted to this Job Board. You may also send this information to the Secretary of the Clergy in a private message or to using the format above.

Interested applicants should reach out to the Project Owner directly should they meet the minimum qualifications.

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