Announcement regarding The Punisher

30 Mar 2023 04:22 #372123 by Zero
Hello temple.
It has come to Council’s attention that The Punisher (a former temple apprentice) has been messaging several members of the temple, and asking them to speak to council about his ban. Council has discussed his ban at length and we have decided to uphold our decision. We know he has been harassing several of you, and we are asking that if his messages are making you uncomfortable please block him from any further communication. He was removed from the temple website and the discord server roughly a year ago, thus there is no further action council can take short of filling charges with his local police department for harassment. We have received 10+ reports already regarding this issue, and we strongly recommend that you block him on your personal discord if his messages are making you uncomfortable. If his comments are threatening, please screenshot those and send them to myself or Master Rosalyn if such subsequent events give us cause to need them for future police involvement.

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