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As a modern day Jediist, I love watching the movies overs and overs and overs. Truth be told - in our home we have a section in our movies we call “Epics.” These movies play almost always for us as we call filler time. While baking, we tend to visit Narnia or the Shire. While cutting meat the Star Wars plays for me. It’s either that or classic rock on the record player- or some Daft Punk while we clean. Those records are a bit longer to get a bit more time to clean. Funny thing, I’m not the only one who does things like this. As Jeddist- we can choose many things - but what we choose to put in our minds and our hearts can be, a harmony or a set or a way or a vibe or a feel or mood - some things can be managed. Jedi are smart. Set your tone or vibe or even area if you can. Truth be told, some days I play a set of love songs that make me and my love dance. Set yourself up. Take a walk or a song or a grove or a vibe or a book or an idea or whatever you need but - make a break somewhere. Choose to create your space how you like. Some times it’s a song or a hymn or a idea or even a place. A modern day Jeddist has many choices every day. What will you be today ? What song will you choose? What quote or ideas will ya let come into your self today? Where’s your heart Jedi? That’s the flavor of life- that’s the good stuff my friends. We are the color that makes the world bright or dull. No one can make a heart sing a song it doesn’t want. Know where yours comes from? 

Teaching 2

2. Jedi maintain a clear mind; which can be achieved through meditation and contemplation. Our minds can become unduly troubled and concerned with the happenings of the world. We must work on overcoming our individual issues through training and diligence.


As Pastor - I recommend we all take some time to see what we are really doing, Jedi do that often. A Good one does. A smart one does as well. This is worth passing. 
We can change our entire day from a song or an idea or even a memory... what are you remembering? What are we thinking of ...

Some days it can be like choosing a song. Choose wisely. 
Garbage in -Garbage out as they say. ( GIGO is a great lesson for any one- feel free to pm me directly) 

May the Force continue to be with those who seek, serve and share it.