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The idea of the Knight fascinates me, so very much. In every culture and in every place I have looked for it or didn't- there it was. It took me a while to see it but, like I tell me son, "once you see some things you may never un-see them". Ever felt sore and worn out? I see pictures and Art and I'm blown away at the portraits of the sore, beaten, bloody Knight standing there or that look while coming back from a adventure. In real life a Knight is the try. That's all we really do here sometimes is try. A Knight was sworn to thing and was held accountable and LET to figure things out on their own. When action comes, I often forget the ride back home. Now, this ol' Army medic will always have a sack or a bag or a box somewhere with band aides and some form of painkiller and such, those type of things are often more important at times for this ol' man. There are moment where as humans, we get tired. Some even get tired of the fight. Some may get tired of the orders or the locations or even just the fact that we gotta get up and work some days. there are some even who have issues with who - gives the instructions. today we have no real Knights. In orders created by people, now we have a charge. You could say now a days it almost strictly on honor not duty. I've found a few countries that still use this idea but for the most part, I've truly never met a Knight with armor and a horse who had a real sword with real orders from a real King or Queen. Of all the ones I've had the honor of meeting, it's been those who try. In the really real world, the only Knights now a days are those who CHOOSE to be a Knight. Lineage and paperwork can give ya many things but only we can choose to be what can be on the inside as well. So, as a Knight and as one who tries- to those who are still trying.... don't quit. Keep going. Don't forget if you fight or if you don't - anything can wear ya out. I have found out in my own life that not everything is a fight, for me it doesn't  have to be anymore. Don't forget that as Modern day Jeddist - yea it real life and yea we live in the now not on the net- for some- knowing how to balance this Jedi Knight thin can see like we are doing it blind. I encourage all (ALL) to think about your own fight and practices and our own ways. We all aspire to be "Knightly." I've noticed that. It comes in many forms. What does it look like? Well friend, it looks like you. It looks like me. Better yet, it looks like what we try. Understand? Its our action and our application. 

When we practice and learn our own faiths, I encourage others to remember the trips back home after the fights or the confrontations or the tries. In the real world and in real life an IV and some oranges will always help and I am often that person to remain or throw ya one and say something like..."DRINK WATER" in some form of song or silly saying. Be ready for the ride back. Knights didn't live on the road. They were charged with duties and given resources if at all possible and they left and came back. 


What's funny to me is I don't forget to factor gas or food  in my travels back home in real life as well as places to rest and poop. I do forget in my Modern day Jediism that i need fuel and recharge as well. My heart can only take so much before it becomes full.  That's real.Think and try a bit my friends, what do ya do when your riding back from a fight or a place in your life where you knew it was gonna be one of those days? After too many days of feeding strangers, truthfully I wanna sit at my scratched and carved table that wobbles when ya stand, but has every ones name on it carved from when family and friends have met at it.

What do we need when we are at moments like this? On the way back? After things in our life that tax our hearts and minds, where do we recharge? Where do we go to reset or remind us why we do - we do what we do? Pastor Carlos' encouragement today is remember - drink water!!! Find what reminds you and recharges you. Here at the Temple we don't tell you or direct or even demand things, ain't what we do. What we do is encourage and share. Please remember, from one to another, trying is action and takes time and effort. Don't forget, we are human AND Jeddist. Remember the ride home Jedi. Be smart and may the Force we seek, serve and share, find you where ya look for it.

Pastor Carlos