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As a infant, there was a paper from the Express Newspaper in San Antonio, Texas that my father had for quite a while. Truthfully, it was in a box of his things that he never came to get. The newspaper reporter was the day Karl Wallenda fell and died. This family ARE professional tight rope walkers. The story was there in his box after a few years. As I grew up, I found through my research that the Flying Wallendas were not what they used to be. They were once a real circus act for Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. (Take that flying Grayson's.) My interest peaked when my wife and I  watched Lil' Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon on wire. Blew my mind. Here recently, Nik Wallenda crossed a live active volcano. Now, in real life, that's a huge feat in itself. The fact that Nik hasn't stopped walking... with a past such as his...(worth looking up) just baffles me. Without "fanboying," Nik also did something no one realized as much as his actual feat, some one put a wire over a live volcano. This may not seem like a feat to some but think about that for a second. He and his team did what? Yea, and the Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls and many other places. 

Many times we as Modern Day Jeddist do things that just blow things out of the water. Some of us feed the sick and help poor in ways that are different but result the same thing. Take some time to realize the big things, yes but as Pastor, I would like to remind you, you're doing more than ya think don't forget about how remarkable you are. Look back and think and pray and meditate and give a few extra moments -what ever you call it- and realize that so many times the feat that you are doing and also, HOW YA DO IT....

ANY JERK can want to Force choke a Sith or two... but it takes a Modern day Jeddist to figure things out-OUT OF THE BOX or over the volcano... sometimes you can go over the pit or heat or problem BUT you'll have to figure out how, there's no manual for things like that. Think about this my Temple- The Flying Wallenda's fly but do a lot of work to do it. And they don't really fly. lol Take a moment to see what your doing and how. It's the how that matters and its the How will I, that often makes the feat worth watching. Any one can string a wire 1,800 feet in any direction, but it takes something else, an X factor, a little more... to do it over a active - live- volcano and... LIVE. It's not the can I do it, it's the how will I do it? That is where the remarkable stands apart from the ordinary.

Any one can live, how we choose can be a feat in itself.

Pastor Carlos

Be Jeddist - in every way, especially the way YOU do it. May the Force we seek serve and share find you and me where we seek it and where we don't.


P.S. Fufulu ou lima y'all