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There is a mountain in Mexico I know of. The land is wild and beautiful like so many other places in the world, it’s the secrets the land holds. There was one in particular mountain pass that three brothers bought land facing the same mountain ridge. Sentimental things had happened with then all growing during their youth with the same person at different times in their life. The mountain was their past. Every morning these three would wake and have their morning routine and hear the song of the local mountain birds. One brother drank coffee and read his book quietly every morning. One brother never heard the bird he was always so busy and one brother decided one morning to shoot and kill the birds. For one, the birds were bliss. For another, the birds were not there and for the other the birds were food. 

This story reminds me of the three who tasted the vinegar in the vat. Look it up if ya arnt to familiar with it.

So many times we as modern day Jeddist forget what we are describing is not set in stone and is only what we see sometimes when we say a few things - is it’s our side of the Force, I know I do. Some days I can hear a song and be blessed and some days I feel like ... not so. It’s natural. Somedays we hear the song of life, some days we can hear our upset or belly over everything else. How we choose to act can some times flavor the vinegar or even tune of the birds. Depending on each of us and which we choose - which brother are we and what does it taste like to us? 

The Force is like this. Don’t forget my friends, we are all some times describing  the same thing. As we learn and grow - use what ya got and learn what ya don’t. Seek and you WILL find. May not be exactly - but you will find. Keep seeking - May the Force continue to be with y’all!  Pastor Carlos