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Pastor Carlos here. Take some time to get rid of a few things that are weighing ya down, just for a moment- promise you can continue after we are done if you like. Right now, just take as much time as you need and become one with the Force. Get a little closer and scoot your chair up a bit with me. Lets have a chat. 

Every day is a blessing from the Force for me. Some days it takes me a bit longer to see it but its there just like the sun or the sky. I'm an avid and active thrift shopper. I enjoy the chase and the find, the seek and discovering. Its like my own faith in my own Modern day Jediism. The more I seek, the more I find... AND what to do with all things I find can be one of the "funnest" things for me. I put that word in quotes because some days organization isn't much fun for me. Some days it is. There's one pan in particular I found. I had this job at a Italian food place that was on the money with how well they times things and made things fresh very efficiently. One of the many contributing factors were the pots and pans. The owner had us keep them immaculate to the point of fresh green pads were every where and every pot shined like fresh silver. I remember that place like yesterday some days. We made a lot of good food every day. This one pan was my favorite and it was always easy to clean and a bit heavy. We used to joke in the kitchen that this was " the one pan that make cooks, chefs!" I found one in a store. Poor thing had dents and scrapes and it even looked like it had been through some kind of small fire combat. I gave the counter a dollar and tax and walked outside with "the beast."  I don't mind telling you It made me sad when I saw it and excited at the same time.  * whispers- the reason i wanted a pan like this is because I still remember the recipes and measurements we would use according to pots and pans.*** It took me hours to get that thing to a sanitary version of the pan. It took me almost a few months to finally get that pan shiny and looking like new again. There was nothing i could do about the dings and scratches, some buffed out some didn't but I will tell you this, that pan will be with me forever and if i do it right, some one will get it after I am gone and it will be a good thing. If we are ever face to face don't hesitate to ask for a good Fettuccine Alfredo or anything your hearts desires, I got the pot for that.  smiley face

So many times I find things in my path. Some days I don't know what to do with some things I find and I do my best. Some days I see what I'm looking for and know whats up with the whats up, ya know? Seek and you will find. Its in the action of things we actually find. Some things we find may need a bit of work and polish and good ol fashion elbow grease and for some it may be as easy as remembering a great recipe, all you were missing was that one piece. The spiritual and personal side to Modern day Jediism can be like that. Some things we may find in our studies and in our every day life and we don't quite know what to do with yet and then there are those moments when ya see a 15 inch Clad Ware pan with the extended handle... and ya know what to do. Don't stop seeking. I may be like my pan one day and shine and reflect any simple light- oh yea- that dude shines brighter than any of my other pans. Need a shine? ya may need to do a but of scrubbing and buffing but heck, if i can , any one can. 

May the Force we seek, share and serve be with ya Temple.