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May the Force we share find you, where ever you are today. May the Force we seek, find you where you do and do not seek it. May the Force we serve, (if ya do) be with you and me now. 

Kill-joys are things that make us sad enough that it’s not for just a moment or just for a day but a bit longer. Jedi are smart. I say this as often as Jedi need to hear it. We all know that there are different types of Kill-joys and they even have levels as well. One of the Kill-joy connections we as Jedi share is that of stress. In some way shape or form we, if you're like me, feel often like Ani and at times, it's a lot. Revenge of the Sith is such a powerful viewing for us for so many things. As a family we watch our Hero become, THE ANTAGONIST! We watch as the stress and pressure forces the change from Protagonist to Antagonist; from Clones Wars hero and General to the Emperor's Dark Enforcer. The next few movies we watch how HIS son makes a similar path as him. 

For those who think, invent, try, breath and live, stress is common. There are many reasons for stress and it can be in any avenue in our life from school work to leisurely reading to spiritual discovery or even mental and physically inside us. There is almost no way around it if you're alive right now. For me, logging on the net is becoming a greater discouragement for me more than ever. Its sucks. I feel ya! It seems like no one knows what's going on till it happens and even then, HOLY MOLEY ya got to be careful what ya read and listen to. Things sure do seem like a mess. It is. The stress of this ON TOP of our regular life, can seem like a scene from a movie. Like Episode 3 where Ani paces and is so confused about which person or people in his life to serve or listen to or to trust or even who's on HIS side... I feeeeeeeel for him. He was the chosen one, and to make matters worse, he knew it and was expecting maybe other treatment. Who knows, my family will be watching the Episode#3 Revenge of the Sith. If you not doing anything Saturday- watch it with us, revisit the movies with us if you like. Good things come from things like this.  


I've heard it said, " I feel like I have to many plugs in the wall," or" not enough spoons" or one of my favorites," Stretched, like butter, scraped over too much bread." However, you describe it, we have all been there. It is a real thing. There are some days, slowing down just don't cut it. There are moments you truly can't. What do we do in those moments, in the other moments?  


Some stress isn't bad. Tension can build positive and negative as can most anything really. Everyone knows the ol’ coal into diamonds adage. In this day in age, good management is always a benefit, especially regarding stress. Managing stress can help conquer a Kill-joy like stress.  

Take time out - Make time for it.  

Every story or every myth begins with a beginning, In the beginning, making time to organize or think or pray or set up, what every you call that time but make it. Begin by - beginning. If you already do then, RETURN - do it again. Keep doing it. It takes time to build that which we want some times. It's worth it almost all the time. There are many ways to get organized. Find a few if you like. I'm linking this over to the forum and if you have some ways of organization or of meditation or of real-life ways, this is an open invitation to share on the like.  

I find and it said the preparation helps to ease stress some times. As Pastor, I recommend that we all take some time to - take some time. It’s ok, the world isn't ok currently and things are sometimes on a day to day version of life right now. Take some time to organize or RE organize yourself. Find it in your faith or practices or in your lives or loved ones but return to the place ya need as often as you like. 


Imagine if our Hero remembered in Episode 3 " I'm a person my name in Anakin." 

May the Force continue to be with yall! 

Pastor Carlos