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Take some time to get in touch of the Force you follow or choose. May the Force we share find us now. 


 From the very beginning in Episode One, we find Anakin dealing with this very thing from day one. From day one he could not let go till it was his undoing and his obvious soft spot or weak side. Eventually he would be Vader and controlled by a LOVE he was NOT in control of. Ever had a grudge? Ever have some one you got beef or drama with? As Modern day Jedi, we are not immune to people problems. These type of problems effect the best of Jedi. Resentment can be a KILL JOY, especially for a Jedi. It can rob us of relationships, inner peace and even serenity. It can be what makes one salty and even bitter. It often keeps me from learning from the best moments in my path.

Jedi Teachings

4. Jedi are wary of attachments, both material and personal.

5. Jedi understand that well-being consists in the physical, the mental and the spiritual.

No one has gone through life without experiencing some form of resentment or some grudge held for some amount of time. Resentment is deadly because it can tare down A LOT, inside and outside. 

For me, resentment keeps me to long in places I don't wanna stay. 

Talk about it to some one.

One of the best ways to let go is to tell some one. There's a release in admittance.



Practice some understanding with your resentment.

Its worth a try.


Ask resentment to be your teacher.


Will Smith said he was so resentful of his wife and her best friends friendship, he now regrets being upset at Tupac for no reason. Tupac and Jada were real friends from the same place, Will wasn't. He missed sooo much he said being mad.

I heard it said once: A father lived in silence, he saw his son become a man. There was a distance  felt between them because he could not understand that love isn't love till you give it away.

Keeping things inside does nothing some days but prolong our agony or our unbalance. Keeping things hidden or in the dark, rarely creates solutions.

Letting go is only one way we as Jedi can conquer a "Kill Joy" or two in their every day life's. 

 My hope is that every Modern day Jedi understand that we as Jedi can get through things with a few reminders and a few good teachings, whether from this very Temple and those in it or, from your very own family and faiths and practices. Turn to your faith s and family during times of woe and you may find something you were not looking for as well... a different type of HOPE. Resentment can be a KILL JOY or we can understand it and figure it out - BEFORE we become the Vader.

May the Force we seek - serve and share find you in places your looking and NOT looking!

Pastor Carlos