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Once upon a time, in a far off kingdom, the citizens were worried. Their ruler, who was both wise and foolish, benevolent and tyrannical, just and unjust, was aging. Who would assume the leadership of the kingdom when the ruler passed from the stage? Who would be the guardian of laws and ideals, the bearer of fresh energy, the source of new ideas?

Now, most went about their daily rounds, tending their home and farm, factory and office, remembering only occasionally their concern about the future, believing it would take care of itself. But there was ONE, wrestles with things as they were, longing to construct the world anew. So ONE set out to discover the world, leaving behind the secure. At times along the way, ONE walked elysian fields, drinking from pure springs, resting in gentle meadows,  and led by sure-footed guides. But at other times, the way was hard. There were gates guarded by fierce creatures through which one HAD to pass. And beyond there were mountains to climb, dragons to slay, and trails to blaze. ONE was faced with difficult tasks, testing ONEs courage, intelligence, commitment, good humor, and good will. Thus ONE journeyed, returned finally to the kingdom where the road began. But ONE was not the same, nor was the kingdom. ONE had been transfigure by the journey, and the old ruler had not gotten any younger. It was clear that succession was near. Some citizens proposed that ONE should lead them to the future. ONE has been to parts unknown. One has done battle with beasts and returned victoriously. "NO," said others, ONE is imperfect still. There are beast not yet slain. "The boon ONE brings back is untested. "ONE is not fully formed and transformed." "But, " spoke up Future, "ONE has brought back new visions, new wisdom, new skills. Citizens, you can not be certain under ONEs leadership you will live happily ever after, but, after all, ONE is the best you have. You must entrust me to ONEs hands. 



This is by Linda A Chisholm in her book-  Charting a Heros Journey


The Heros story isn't some one elses and can often be our own. Drop the cape and understand the Hero isn't the superman or the good guy but the main character of the story, Its the rerson we care about the story. How will the characters in the story we connect with … act? How do they do it? What happen to them? Will they get away.....

When ya see this in This light- ya still like the Star Wars?



Love yall Temple, each one of you Heros.

Pastor Carlos