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I’ll start with this - May the Force be with you right now where we meet.  

Alongside you, when we reflect on ourselves and our own life’s, there are ideas and paths and ways that can be larger than others. One of those large ideas is that we can self-reflect. We are the only ones who can do it so that must mean we are alone in our pursuit. That is the farthest from what I’ve seen with me own two brown eyes! 

We often find a Knight is alone. In many meditation books and themes of reflection, time alone is needed and almost... as Anakin would say "encouraged." 

In EVERY Star Wars it’s up to the Jedi themselves, to go through the cave or place of hidden things or “the unknown” To figure out who they are. This is a common theme when searching for who we are - inside.  
Modern-day Jedi is often alone.  

... then creeps Loneliness... Cue John Willy with the maniacal violins!  


Everyone has been affected by loneliness. EVERYONE. From the bottom to the top, from the left to the right, from the spiritual or the un ... every sect- group - meeting or person has felt loneliness and have felt the effects of it. If there's one sure way to drain joy in life is to remember that you are alone often. That's kinda how it works. Loneliness can even kill. This is the real world.  

You may be feeling alone today during the Pandemic. You may be feeling alone at work or at home. You may feel alone right now. That's ok, I do too. So do a lot of people around the world. Do you reminisce about the past? Do you miss the new good old days, you know - what it was like before we all were told to stay home? They are gone. They may return, but count on things not being the same after this too when it passes. This too shall pass. Seasons and all that. 


Every person is as unique as our own fingerprints. Put your saber down and meditate on that right there for a minute. So, there are different types of loneliness. The combinations can be, well specifically unique to the specific need. SO, if you feel like you need professional help, it is wise to do so. I have for many things and getting the right help always helps.  

A benefit 


What type of loneliness are you experiencing? In what part am I experiencing it in? These are the million-dollar questions that can move us from waiting and wanting to receiving and even giving. 

Jedi is smart. Take your own advice. 

Think about this one for a bit please. If our friends came to us with a loneliness problem, they confide in us, what would we do, how would act and what would we say? How would you tell you to relieve it? How would you encourage yourself to combat it? Real Talk. (those can be rhetorical or journal entries) 

Would you be your friend? SMILEY FACE 

Make a window or look up. 

Often times as Modern-day Jedi we self-reflect, we look in or at our self's often. Its healthy to look up or out every now and then.  

Make time: schedule it in if ya gotta but make the time for NOT reflection some days. Its ok to NOT be in a book or on the Temple or chatting on forums or even on line. Its ok to turn to you but it's also a good reminder that Temple(s) have doors to the world outside.  

Ever seen monks bowl? I've been in a bowling alley when Three Nuns were bowling- in real talk everyone in that place has a blast interacting with them. They bowled a few strikes for a few people in a few other lanes for fun...it was a blast. it was real. There's a guy I know in San Antonio TX that skips rope (like double Dutch- he goes hard).  He is clergy and the kids call him "the Rope Pope."   

Look around and see what's PRESENT... oh my friends - you are NOT alone. You may be the only Jedi some get to see off screen. 

 Hope this helps, 

Pastor Carlos