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Take some time to meet me where you begin. Take some time to relax, pour a cup of hot or cold anything and lets begin.

It is my hope that everytime we meet like this, you find a bit of hope and a bit of grace and a bit of what every you are seeking.


Theres a Kill Joy out there that is the most difficult to tame and even more difficult to un-cultivate and that is Fustration. Let me begin by stating no Modern day Jedi is immune to the Kill Joy of fustrsation. Let me be the first to say that IF any one will have a daily sparring match at any time it is US, the Modern day Jedi, who can bear witness? We all know at any given time this oponent can rear its head and it can be on! Fire up the Sabers. If cultivation of ones self brings results in our inside-then thats where the fustration can happen often. Ever see those cartoon characters with the smokey squiggly lines on top of their face and that sour look? Thats just a snap of what can be in some of us for even the most smallest of ideas. One can even say that this can  dwell in any part of our path- physicly- spirstually and mentally and AND what happens when it hits all THREE AT THE SAME TIME. oh yea, its possible my Jedi. Add finances into the mix and there goe towers built over time - gone in seconds. It can and it prolly already has happened and it will happen again in any which way shape or form. This can be a flow of things we find ourselfs in at times. Its easy to get fustrated and evn loose our JOY of learning and service and even connections. Ever been hit by fustration and just lose all bliss? 

1. This is Life and often it can become full. A cup can be filled with many things. A empty cup can be filled. A full cup can not. 

Please understand just because we are Modern day Jedi - it excludes us from nothing in life. There is no Wanka Ticket or Fast Pass sometimes. Life can be exactly what it is. How we see it can be up to us as our color of top or bottom some days.

Every human knows of the human condition. We know us. Ive talked to many and for the most part, when we start seeking things and start asking questions, there are a few things we do understand all togeather.  One of these is that life is not... hows the trendy way to say this now.... Rainbows and Unicorns? Life is not a limitless prarie. It aint all fun and games. Not every moment in life can be lived in meditation. Ya cant pray all day. Candel light has a wick. The sun does set. This too shall pass. ( there are plenty)

I used to share the ol railroad workers song in 1905

"I work, work, work without end.

Why and for whom, I know not.

I care not. I ask not.

I am a machine."

This type of idea led me to work with no bliss, little own joy. We cant all love what we do. Not possible, but what we can do is change the way we see our reality. Our focus often determins our reality... so I have heard lol 

Here is another quote

"It makes little diffrence, from what ever route you select, you will wishh you had tsaken the other." Gen Robert L.

There are SOOOOOOO many ways to battle and conquer fustration. These are not the only way, never. 

Be honest

Understand wehre you are

We are not robots. As a Human you can wonder and ask. Form is good. Unlearning can happen as well. WHAT we UN leanr can be up to us. It always is.

State the problem. Often times fustration comes from NOT fully knowing. Find out. Validate. Do some research. Ask around. Ask real people. We do it with everything else...

Jedi teaching number ONE:

1. Jedi are in touch with the Force. We are open to spiritual awareness and keep our minds in tune with the beauty of the world. We are forever learning and open our minds to experiences and knowledge of ourselves and others.



Conquering Kill Joys can be as easy some days as remebering YOUR codes and teachings and your persoanl faiths and practices.


2. Jedi maintain a clear mind; which can be achieved through meditation and contemplation. Our minds can become unduly troubled and concerned with the happenings of the world. We must work on overcoming our individual issues through training and diligence.


Are ya catching it Jedi? Jedi are smart.

Try the 16 teachings - they help combat Kill Joys in real life.

Have fun applying. Use generiously. Call it a perscription from your "Block Doc"

May the Force we share, seek and serve, be with yall _STILL always and Even though.

Pastor Carlos