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May the Force be with you friends, where your feet find you reading this. 

The title comes from a song by Michael Jackson.

Over the years I have found things, old things and new things from study. It happens that way for me at times. I am NOT in any way, shape, or form “scholastic.” I ain’t ashamed either. One of the best ways I began learning was to ask myself how do we learn, as people and how do I learn. The most "on fire" way was when you fall in love with the subject. I found during meditation, it was the things that I loved that were easy to read about and hold my interest. Sometimes memorization isn’t learning for me, sometimes it is. It’s the LOVE that can crack a reminder in the day time to read or study or even ... start again. 

Remember your first love.


As Modern Day Jedi, remember your first love y’all... 

Re kindle the spark. Fan the flame. Go back to that place where ya first started - it ain’t SQUARE one but a return. I’ll say that again so I know, you know - it ain’t going back to square one, it’s A RETURN. Ya come back with... experience!

(The Hero’s Journey) 

Take some time to fall in Love with your significant other - again.

Take some time to fall in love with your chosen faith (s) and practice (s) again.

 Fall in love or remind yourself why you are Jedi.

Fall in love with an OLD book, that’s yours.
Fall in love with an OLD story, that’s yours. Fall in love with an old idea. Fall in love with a old place of your own. Fall in Love with something already there...  

James Allen says "Act is the blossom of thought..." Remembering why, can be a return any Modern Day Jedi can use to fall in love all over again and in doing so, MAYBE start a few fires dimmed by time. " Try it, you may like it, you will see...or not really, its always up to you and me."

With all the Force of love we share - Pastor Carlos