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STAGE 1: Temptation


“Because you are a Jedi and possess Force powers, 

You will find yourself in situations 

In which you may be tempted to use or demonstrate your abilities, 

Rush to aid an ally, confront apparent dangers, or resolve differences hastily. 


But if you are prone to action before patience- 

To draw blood first and ask questions later, 

You will step onto a dark path.”


                                        -Master Tolaris Shim





It has been said that “the road to Hell is paved in gold” as an adage to mindless living.  But this is easy enough to see, right?


As beings become more adept at bombarding themselves with media, they also become desensitized in ways not always apparent, often opting for pre-determined mindsets, POV’s, or witty one-liners to navigate the complexity of life..


This can lead to a variety of maladaptive strategies for coping and living, often to the detriment of all the parties involved.  A common maladaptive strategy is thinking extremely lowly of oneself, often to a degree where we place others first at significant cost to ourselves, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The effects of such darkness and suffering can be felt immediately and may even carry into future events to reinforce and perpetuate their momentum.


But there is another side to this story.


After training in the ways of anything at all, a sense of confidence naturally follows.  As one’s skill develops, the effects of one’s work expands, and a sense of confidence follows.  This is part of the course of self-development, and is nothing to be worried about.  But when, because of our training, we hold ourselves higher than others as something special, it is possible to become tempted by the Darkside.  To do something because the “ends justifies the means”, or because it was done with good intent, does not necessarily mean it will succeed or that it is not worth deeper investigation.


What is worthy of a second look is the question of if one is acting in haste or in waste.  Too often are we burdened by the constraints of the world, only to be rushed into action so that we may complete another action that turns up being part of an endless cycle of mindlessness.  Too often do we start from a place of pride, whether it is because of training, luck, or privilege, thinking “I ALWAYS make the right decision”.  Left unchecked, can lead us to hubris-laden toxic positivity, which is no better than the negative toxicity we are so familiar with.


Both of these states exemplify the Light and Darksides and underscore the fine line a Jedi must tread upon their path.  If we take the time to consider the awareness we hold in our lives, we give space to the path, and the Force finds its way into the deepest and most immediate facets of our being.  



In this space, a fundamental point is always present to be meditated upon: are we willing to stop and listen, or do we just want to “git ‘er done”?