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Take some time to relax, pull up a chair, get comfy or just take a few seconds to stop... and get ready.




Change is the most uncertain thing I can think of. It's never ready when I am and it's rarely on my own time. Funny thing is; it's one of the hardest things for me to keep track of at times. In the USA, there are pulpits who have countless stories about those who have asked for change in their lives and when the moments come... they ain't ready or something happens or they miss the opportunity. I am not going to even start to tell those tales - they ain't mine. What I will share with you is this, as a Jedi, we believe in the Force. As individuals, we have different definitions and locations and even where our "Force" comes from. (that's the way it should be) When a Jedi asks the Force for change... ya need a bit of a warning from one who has a bit of experience. Asking something - that can not be defined - for change is like asking the wind for direction at sea. Think about that, Jedi are smart. So, when we ask or request or even just chat with an undefinable force - we often expect the answers we find to be wrapped up nice and neat in a box with a bow and a little note that says to you from the Force. Normally, it doesn't happen that way. Every journey begins with a CALL. On our own single or multiple journeys we can ask for change or hope for it or even work towards it. That's the natural flow of things at times. Think - act- think - act- change, adjust and move on.


Be ready


There's no big secret to being a Jedi. Ya just claim it. Thats how most faiths work. You begin your Journey as a choice and you then take your step into a larger world.



In my own practices, I find when I ask for change or help... it often comes from me or the Force... in real life, it's almost always seems random, but it's not. Our codes we hold in our hearts help us to lead the way and it is up to each of us to find the REAL way we can find peace and change. Change can be had, buuuuuuuuuuut , if you didn't instigate it directly - it may come from somewhere that seems - random. We believe in a Force which we can't fully pen, why do we think we can control it as well? There will be sometimes we ask for change and we better be ready. 

There are moments in my practice I ask for change or post a trinket or a a spell or a reminder and when it happens... I'm not ready. That's human. Though I asked, sometimes the change comes in forms I'm not even a part of. Think about that. Be ready and be smart. Jedi are smart. No fair asking for change and then when it's not the change we want or the change we like - we pass or are just not ready. Happens all the time. Personally, I am careful when I ask for change. I'm careful when I ask for anything truly. I may not be ready for it. Understanding how things actually work, helps things a bit more and my hope is that anything that is shared here is exactly that, a hope never a hurt. 

Free change

Change can happen in its own time as well. Don't forget, we may not even be in the loop when it does. 

Y'all see the changes to the Temple and to the World at the moment. Ya ready? I wasn't for a few things. That's ok too. Now, what will you do???--- wave around your hands around like your some kind of ...Jedi or … will ya join me in the changes and in the mix? It's a big step. 



...are ya ready? 

Pastor Carlos