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Money can’t buy happiness.


We often hear or say that expression, but do we really mean it? Do we really understand what it means?

Let’s face it money is a necessary evil, I call it an evil because there are many terrible things that get done for it. It’s also true that many good things get done due to it. It’s necessary because everything costs something.


From childhood we’re told to work hard and save up and we’ll have a better life, but is it really better? Many people that have money in excess have forgotten what life is supposed to be about. Living, loving, learning. Sun up till sun down many people work themselves ragged in an attempt to reach that brass ring forsaking everything else until it’s too late to enjoy life.

There once was a time where the daily goal was not to gain money, but to live life, love family, and learn about the world. Somewhere along the way humans discovered profit, and we’ve been striving to gain ever since.


Over the past year I’ve rediscovered the freedom that was lost. Like many I worked full time, and when I found myself with more free time I found that I was able to reconnect with life and family, things I had been essentially placing on hold in the struggle to make more money. As I sat staring at the moon one night it occurred to me that the entire time I was working I was absolutely miserable. I rarely had time for anything I enjoyed, and rarely spent time with family. While I had money I was miserable…It wasn’t until after I lost my job that I rediscovered happiness.


The best things in life are free. Watching the newly hatched ducklings swimming across the lake, seeing the sense of wonder on a child’s face as they discover something new, playing tag with your dog, enjoying the smell of freshly mown grass, floating listlessly in the water, these are all things we miss out on if we dedicate too much time to gaining wealth.


I’m not saying that we should all just abandon working, but we should always keep in mind what we sacrifice in order to ensure financial gain. As for myself, I do plan to work again when the opportunity finally arises, but I’ll also be sure not to throw myself so fully into it that I don’t have the time to simply sit back and enjoy life.