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I was recently reading a book, a star wars novel actually and the following phrase kept coming up:  “Only Through Conflict can our strengths be realized”  and while it was a sith character bringing up the concept it got me thinking allot about conflict and change.  Another phrasing came up in this thought process; “At a person’s darkest hour is the chance for them to shine their brightest” the second one my great grandmother had told me in my teens and also had a bit more to it, but that was the gist of it.  

I look around and see my country going broke, and finally admitting that the government was living outside its means, Countries in the middle east striving for freedom, and the conflicts constantly going on, and often think it is amazing how change can be so painful to attain, and yet that also gets me thinking now that the conflict itself is changing and shaping people and lives so that they can grow... in a sense would man have reached the moon if we weren’t in a bitter cold war with Russia, or would nuclear power have come about if Japan hadn’t attacked Pearl Harbor...?

These conflicts while bloody and painful are normally outside of any one individuals power to control, it is part of life in a way, part of the daily struggle to survive in this grand universe.  And while the bloodshed and pain is horrible, we cannot let it overwhelm us and make us give up on our world and lives, we must continue our own struggles and do what we can to continually make this world a better place to those around us.  If you look at the last couple of centuries and see the progress we have made in all fields, not just warfare and economics, we have changed as a society, technologically, and in so many ways... and we continually do so still and hopefully will continue to do so for many many years.

Know also that though times get tough and our struggles occur, don’t despair, rise up and meet them, and overcome them as we have and will do as these conflicts will cause the changes that shape tomorrow for the better