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Take some time to relax and take some time to get in touch with what we each call the Force. It is said The Force is what binds us. Trying to pen that very thing, even we as beginners know is not a easy feat. As seasoned Modern day Jeddist Its no easy task. It gets larger and larger every time I learn more explanations of what The Force can be and is. Its huge the more I seek and learn and find real explanations in use. 

Take your pencil and draw a sunflower. Go ahead. I chose a sunflower because its easily identifiable and pretty much any one can at any age can do this. For those that didn't bring one - take the time to go get one and join in on the very real thing you can do. Draw a sunflower. Make it stick - crayon- paint-charcoal- how ever you choose. Draw one out and complete it. (post it)

Reality of this exercise- No two pictures will ever be the same.  I hope you really drew one because now, you have something to look at and remember that the Force is like an idea or can be. It can be a lot of different things for everyone. Discretions are just that, our way of explaining what's present. What is present? What's real? What does your sunflower look like? Does the description match what's been made? 


Im going to post a link to this one on the Forum. look for it and lets see those pictures of sunflowers. Lets see - real differences and real similarities. As time goes on , I hope it can continue to challenge people to join in and create something worth passing. The Force comes in many forms, in the form its held in at times. That means you. 

That means you and what ya bring as well- the whole shabangabang. You AND your description, along with the hopes and dreams and fears and laughs and tears. 


My hope is that we have a tangible idea of what The Force can be - in real life- what it looks like- to us, from something simple. Something any one can do. See ya in the Forums.

May the Force continue to be with y'all - Pastor Carlos